WHY wasn’t a more seamer friendly pitch created..?

I think I asked this EXACT question around the same time last year, but it still confuses me. Even MORE now that India are playing Sri Lanka.

Why has another flat pitch that will spin later been produced?

India have Zaheer Khan who is probably the best seam/swing bowler in the world, they have Ishant Sharma who is a young talent and very capable of moving the ball in seaming conditions.

They are facing Sri Lanka, a team who generally struggle away from home on any pitch that has a bit of movement in it.

India’s best spinner Harbhajan Singh is out of form, and their second spinner Amit Misrah hasn’t played a First Class match for 6 months. Whilst the opposition have Muttiah Muralitharan the most successful spin bowler in the history of the game.

So why?????
I understand that creating a seamer friendly pitch in India is tough, but I would do everything in my power if I was creating the pitch, to allow help for the seamers.

Unless of course Totti is right, and they are under instructions to make it a 5 day pitch!. Which of course brings me to the facts that Test Cricket is dying because of reasons like these

Chosen Answer:

I know its sickening, and the curators should be asked to break this “trend” by the BCCI, but then again, they want to make sure the telecasters get full 5 days coverage (yeah even if it turns out be a dull boring match).

14 thoughts on “WHY wasn’t a more seamer friendly pitch created..?

  1. india are no better team against the moving ball either. in the first day there were not a lot of movement but still they strugled.

    they have a very good team to play in subcotinent. so they made a pitch for them. they thought they could score 500 and win the match.

  2. You can’t create a seamer friendly pitch overnight. Summer has just left and the clay is very dry. Because of the dew factor you can’t have much grass. You rarely find pitches with movement in India…Ahmadabad is no exception.
    Just as you don’t expect the Headingly pitch to turn we don’t expect the Ahemedabad one to seam around.

  3. 1.Team India don’t believe their Indian pacers as much as they believe their batsmen and their spinners,in spite of the fact that they have earned some crucial victories outside India.
    2.A bowler friendly pitch could make it a three day test as happened against SA a year back.
    But still I think we do have a variety of pitches except bouncy ones.

  4. The first test is in Motera in Ahmedabad which traditionally takes spin. The pitch on Motera has been on drier side which means the conditions are conductive for reverse swing. Motera wicket has been traditionally slow and low as the game progresses.

    So for the first two-three days, the pitch was expected to favour seamers and last two days to spinners.

    Till now the pitch has neither turn much and nor it favoured the seamers. It helped seamers only on first day and then became batsman friendly.

    I hope the spiners will get support from the pitch on last two days.

    But more worrying thing is India to bat on last day when opposition have bowlers like Murali who can turn the face of the game at any moment. Now I am thinking what curators have done to the pitch :(

  5. I know its sickening, and the curators should be asked to break this “trend” by the BCCI, but then again, they want to make sure the telecasters get full 5 days coverage (yeah even if it turns out be a dull boring match).

  6. Frankly speaking, I don’t think more ‘seamer-friendly’ pitch would’ve helped India. Zaheer doesn’t seems to be totally fit for tests(he’s bowling a lot slower), & Ishant is out-of-form in recent times. But, the pitch isn’t producing much spin either. It’s totally a boring, excessively batsman-friendly pitch. Such pitch is totally ‘useless’ now-a-days. Don’t know why such pitch was made !

  7. Every body love to talk about batting, not bowling :D may be ICC know about this observation and Curators trained on the basis of this observation.

  8. I seriously doubt Zaheer Khan is the best seam bowler, by Indian standards maybe. The answer is simple, how many good seam bowlers Indians have? and swing bowling is a whole new level. It is not as difficult to produce such pitches, as some are suggesting. Even the pitch in Abu Dhabi was much better and of better standard than India ___ Abu Dhabi a Desert!

    Fact is Indians can only rely on Batsman, India have never produced a good bowler except from Kapil Dev, and hence can only rely on spinners. The pitch truly is horrible and it was the same during the Indian and Australian series. I really am concerned Indians will host most of the world cup matches & just very weary world cup will also dampen with substandard pitches.

    India had enough time no doubt atleast to produce a better Pitch than they’re playing in Ahmedabad. They have more than enough time to produce a good standard pitch for the next match. They wouln’t as clear instructions are to produce dead pitches, if India can’t win atleast make it hard for Sri Lanka.

    You’re right no doubt dead pitches are killing Test Cricket, but what makes you think BCCI cares? Was it not BCCI that opposed Test Cricket World Cup, further hampering survival of Test Cricket.

    I really hope there is some pressure and set conditions from ICC, that India must produce better pitches during the World Cup.

  9. Completely agree with you. In my opinion India are negating the effect of Zaheer Khan who I think is their best bowler. Sri Lanka are well known as flat track bullies and then with Muralitharan and Herath in the side and the pitch taking spin later on I think Sri Lanka are in a good position. I don’t think India should go as far as preparing a green wicket but certainly something with a little more in it for the seamers. Notice Sri Lanka always struggle in England where the ball tends to swing whereas India still compile big scores. India have the better batsman and bowlers when the ball is moving about but, as you have said, this pitch probably favours Sri Lanka.

  10. Because India don’t seem to rate bowling as important, apart from Kapil Dev can you name any other Indian seamers who were really dominant in their time?. Their plan to win any test anywhere in the world is to rely on their batting power, set a huge total and then try to bowl the other team out twice when the pitch is spinning. The only problem with that is if you come across another team that plays spin really well.

    They should take lessons from the New Zealand grounds keepers on how to produce seaming pitches. I remember a while back the groundsmen used to prepare the pitch and then wait for the toss, if New Zealand were to bat first they would get the heavy roller out to force as much moisture out of the pitch as possible, if New Zealand were to bowl they would spray a bit of water down either side of the pitch to aid the swing as it evaporated. I’m not sure if this sort of thing is allowed now though.

  11. Zaheer is making a comeback and ishant has been out of form for a while, seaming wkts are not Indias strength, they created a seamer friendly pitch on this ground 1 year ago and lost to SA by an innings.

    Srilanka also has a decent pace attack, Tushara, ,Kulasekra and the 2 bowlers playing this test.This is a typical Indian pitch you always get to see wickets like this in India so why is this a big issue

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