WHO is the best spinner among following players?

1.Anil Kumble
2.Shane Warne
3.Muttiah Muralitharan
4.Daniel Vettori
5.Harbajan Singh

Chosen Answer:

In descending order;
1.Shane Warne

2.Muttiah Muralitharan
3.Anil Kumble
4.Harbhajan Singh
5.Daniel Vettori

25 thoughts on “WHO is the best spinner among following players?

  1. In test match situation, I would rate the bowlers as under:

    Murali – 100 marks
    Kumble – 91.8 marks
    Warne – 89.2 marks
    Harbhajan – 77.7 marks
    Vettori – 61.4 marks

    In ODI, the ratings are:

    Muralitharan – 100 marks
    Warne – 96.5 marks
    Kumble – 81.5 marks
    Harbhajan – 79.3 marks
    Vettori – 73.4 marks.

    Based on your question, I checked up the above in my computer system and the above is the answer.

  2. There are two off-spinners, one left arm spinner, one fast legspinner and one classical wrist using leg spinner in the list of five. The first three have taken lot of wickets-first two have retired and third will in the future and the other two have i believe still many years left to retire and have not played the amountof matches that first three have played.
    Warne is from the country of Richie Benaud and Gary Gilmour. Kumble and Harbhajan are from the land of Prasanna, Chandrashekhar, Venkat and Bedi.
    Wickets in subcontinent-India, Lanka and Pakistan have a natural tendency to turn and i am not surprised that three bowlers from subcontinent are in the above list.
    India at one time had only spinners as their bowlers.
    The best spinner for me is Bhagwat Chandrashekhar. If Chandrashekhar can bowl leg spin with a hand paralysed by polio, get 242 wickets from around 40+ tests that he played for india, win matches for India abroad like he did in England and Australia, throw the bowl with his other hand while fielding and also stay on the wicket giving support to the partner batting at the other end- I am not surprised by the perfomances of the five in ur list who are perfectly abled. Chandrashekhar has been a source of inspiration for many future legspinners of India including Kumble and will always be and should be. He was one of those who removed the difference between ability and disability in cricket. I consider Chandrashekhar as the best spinner i have seen bowling and he was committed to the cause of Indian team even while batting against West Indian pace (there was chance of getting retired hurt while doing dat) and fielding

  3. The best spinner would be Muttiah Muralitharan as he is the highest wicket taker in both one day and test cricket and is famous for his dusra.

  4. Vettori, he is our best player so gotta keep his name at first. For my team, best spinner, best batsman, captain, coach, selector, everything.

  5. Bhagwat Chandrashekhar is the best and even much above these five
    How many abled spinners have taken even 200 wickets in their testcareer and at the same time also contributed with the bat and fielding? The five in ur list have no disability
    In an era when India had almost no fast bowler and wickets in West indies or England or Australia were bouncing and swinging, Chandrashekhar won tests for India with his bowling. He also had to bat and stay on the wicket against the fiery bowling of Andy Roberts or Michael Holding.

  6. I think Anil kumble and Shane warne is the best spiner in the the world because both are good in googles and staighter one and spinning the ball

  7. Muttiah muralitharan because of his records.He is the one who has claimed most number of wickets in tests where the standards of the player are put into test.

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