What is the best field for a leg-spinner?

Hey all, I am a cricket team captain at club level and am having slight difficulties with a leg-spinners field? Would anyone happen to have any knowledge on what the best field for a leggie and your opinions on why?


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  1. AT club Level, stick out a deep midwicket ALL THE TIME, CLub level batsman cant restst trying to smack it out there, or if your spinner drops it short he has some protection.

    Short cover.
    1 slip

    the rest place in the gaps, point, square leg, etc (basically a ring field, but place a man in midwicket aswell as the deep man) ,

    Also if your leggie spins it alot, bring the mid on and off up, as to tempt the batsman to hit over the top, so the bowler may beat the bat / stumping :)

  2. firstly dont have fine leg
    deep mid wicket,forward square leg,2nd slip,point,gully,cover,mid off,deep mid on,straight mid wicket
    right hand batsman
    tell bowler to bowl from different spots on crease more room on turf
    grip it and rip it

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