12 thoughts on “the best leg spinner admires the next best “Kumble a wonderful human being: Warne” plz comment ?

  1. YES~
    ITS GOOD THEY appreciate each-other,..lol
    too,..I AGREE THAT,…sHANE worne and aNIL kumble are best leg spinners (all time)

  2. That’s a nice statement.Good that you have brought it because many here accuse Aussies of bad sportsmanship

  3. It is a very nice gesture by the King of Spin. It feels good when cricketers talk about other cricketers in a good way.
    I hope, other cricketers (you know who) will learn a bit from Shane Warne!

  4. Nice gesture from Warnie. Nothing to argue. Kumble has always been a good sport & a gentleman off the field too. Just goes to show that Warnie is good sport too.

  5. You know what people didn’t like about Warne? His was too honest with his opinions, he smoked, he womanized…but he was always about cricket and was never shy about saying what he really thought. Kumble was a good bowler, he is a great person and deserves his praise. I dont think he would be so polite and positive about Harba though! lol

  6. good gesture from Warne,he’s always willing to praise his talented

    Also Kumble is a gr8 bowler,may be not no.1
    He deserves respect for 950+ wickets in intl cricket

  7. What? An Australian showing sportsmanship?
    No. Seriously, they were the two best spinners going around, and admired each others skills.

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    From chaos to destiny,
    Bringer of pain,
    Forever undying,
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