According to Spinner these are the best Riffs of all time – How do you rate them?

1 – Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

2 – VooDoo Child (Slight Return) – Hendrix

3 – Iron Man – Black Sabbath

4 – Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin ( even though the article said you could pick almost any of Page’s here)

5 – Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

6 – You Really Got Me – Kinks

7 – Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns n Roses

8 – Back in Black – AC/DC

9 – Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

10 – Enter Sandman – Metallica

11 – Day Tripper – Beatles
12 – Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
13 – Rebel Rebel – Bowie
14 – Hit It or Quit It – Funkaselics
15 – The Charming Man – The Smiths
16 – 20th CenturyBoy – T Rex
17 – Smoke On The Water – Deeo Purple
18 – Layla – Clapton
19 – Look-ka Py Py – The Meters
20 – Funk 49 – James Gang
21 – I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
22 – Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
23 – Jessica – The Allman Brothers
24 – Walk This Way – Aerosmith
25 – Sing A Simple Song – Sly and the Family Stone

other notable ones on the list
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love – Van Halen
Crazy Train – Randy Rhoads playing for Ozzy
Raining Blood – Slayer
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skybyrd

Chosen Answer:

How can that list be complete without Zep’s “stairway to heaven”?

Does this prove that Graeme Swann is the most dangerous spinner in the world today…..?

He is undoubtedly the best spinner currently, I reckon. But is it possible to knock the bottle top by a cricket ball?

I,too, would like to see Bhajji on the top but the fact is He is terrible out of form at the moment. Its been quite sometimes now. If you are the strike bowler of your side, your work is not only to contend the batsman but to take wickets too.
@mrjinx64, it was not thrown by Warnie. Its been computerized.

@Joeblow, Nice examples to prove me wrong.

Chosen Answer:

It doesn’t prove anything other than he got lucky with bowling the ball in the right spot.

I can remember when I was in high school we were at an indoor basketball court and I got a basketball up one end of the court and when no teacher was watching I just kicked it as far as I could up the other end of the court. I kicked it so that it landed in the hoop up the other end on the full without even touching the rim! It would have been about a 40+ metre kick with a basketball and to land it in the hoop without it even touching the rim would be a 1 in a million type shot. That doesn’t mean I am the best kick of a basketball in the world. Also I kicked a football (Australia rules foortball that is) in the basketball court at school and I was deliberately aiming to kick it in the hoop and I landed it 3 times out of about 15 tries. If you know what an Australian rules football looks like, it takes a lot of control with the kick to get it to remain straight and spin the correct way to have a chance of going in the hoop. I am by no means the best kick of a football in fact I would be lucky to kick a goal from 30 metres out, but sometimes you can just fluke it.