Of these skate spinners, which would be best?




I want a GOOD spinner that will actually work. :/ I’ve heard that the foot shaped ones are the best, but I’ve also seen people having problems with the foot shaped spinner. I’ve heard that square is next in line, and then circle, but the circle one still looks the best-made out of all of them. :/ Any help from you guys on this would be absolutely fabulous, and thanks in advance! :D

(At this point I can do camels, sits, 1 foot, scratch, and combinations.)

Chosen Answer:

I prefer the second one. I think it’s sturdy and well-balanced, plus it is well-made.
It is heavy and you need to store it in a plastic bag with the “Do Not Eat” packets from shoes and purses to protect it from dirt and dampness.

You should ask to try out someone else’s before you buy. That’s the best way to figure out what will work for you.

What is the best piece of exercise equipment to buy for someone like me who hates to exercise and is lazy!!!!?

I know I need to work out, middle age spread is creeping in, I like to walk, so no need for a treadmill, I have a bike to no stationary bike, but what about a “spinner”, what is that? I need to lose that spare tire? And I know I need to learn portion control…..thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Don’t waste your money on exercise equipment. Walking is good. Challenge yourself by varying your pace (alternate quick and normal speeds), walking further, varying your route to take in hills (both up and down work muscles). You can do a similar thing with your bike – don’t forget a helmet.
Reduce portion sizes by using smaller plates and bowls. Eat whilst sitting at the table with others. It’s bad manners to eat whilst you’re talking – so talk to them a lot and you’ll have less time for eating!

what’s the best efficient easiest way to rinse salad?

is it really a salad spinner? thanks for your opinions.
sorry, i meant salad greens..leafy greens. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

yes use a salad spinner. you not only do you want your lettuce clean but you want it dried properly. I used to work in a kitchen store. the best one we sold was by OXO good grips. It has a pump on top and a brake. the botton has a non skid pad. I own one and love it. the big one sells for around , you can find it at target and at amazon.com

some models have a crank or a zip cord. Just be careful because you can send them flying if you don’t keep a hand in it.

What would be your pickings for the following titles..?

Pick the best team for each of the following titles.

1. Best fielding side
2. Greatest team spirit
3. Team with best spinners
4. Best pace attack
5. Strongest middle order (ODI)
6. Strongest middle order (Test)
7. Team depending on just 1 or 2 players
8 Team with genuine all rounders
9. Least number of stars – good team work to win matches
10. Many big hitters
11. Best opening pair (batting)
12. Best opening pair (bowling)

Friends, pick just a single team, right.

Chosen Answer:

1. Best fielding side-Australia

2. Greatest team spirit-Sri Lanka & New Zealand

3. Team with best spinners-Sri Lanka

4. Best pace attack-Australia

5. Strongest middle order (ODI)-India

6. Strongest middle order (Test)-Sri Lanka

(Sanga,Mahela,Samarweera-all three have avrges around 55 & all three are at the peak of there careers)

7. Team depending on just 1 or 2 players-India(In Tests its all about Sachin & Sehwag..,Dravid,Laxman past their prime…but in ODIs its WI)

8 Team with genuine all rounders-Sri Lanka

Angelo Mathews,Tissara Perera,Jeevan Mendis,Maharoof,Sanath,Dilshan…..etc

9. Least number of stars – good team work to win matches-New Zealand & England

10. Many big hitters-Australia

11. Best opening pair (batting)-India in Tests..SL in ODIs(Dilshan & Mahela)

12. Best opening pair (bowling)-Australia

What kind of spinners work best in the winter months?

I am a massive fan of Mepps spinners and I find them very productive lures to use during the warmer months of the year, however when the winter arrives and the temperature plummets I really struggle to catch pike and perch on the spinner in the winter.

After doing some quick research, the general consensus about winter lure fishing here in the UK where I live, is that the best way to fish is very deep and very slow. The problem is that although it is possible to retrieve a spinner very deep, it is not really possible to retrieve a spinner slowly as this tends to stops the spinner blade from rotating properly.

I love using spinners, but last winter was so unproductive on the spinner that it became a bit soul destroying, so if anyone has any ideas about good pike/perch spinners to use during the winter months, then it would be much appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Pike etc are much more sluggish in the winter, so don’t use spinners. Use slow sinking lures that can be retrieved very slowly. I love Savage Gear 4Play lures. If the water is coloured, use bright colours to increase visibility.

I never have as much regular sucess with lures in the winter as I do in the summer, although I have had a few absolutely dynamite days. You are certainly going to have blank days.

One thing you may want to try to increase your chances when going out with your rods for a walk on a winter’s day is also to take a deadbait float rod with you. When you find a likely looking spot sling out the lures a few times. If you have no joy then lob in the float setup and give it 15 minutes. If you still have no success, then move on. Combining the two methods doubles your chances.

what type of bass fishing lure do you like the best and which one works the best?

i want to buy bass lures becausse i dont want to keep spending my money on bait everytime i go fishing. what bass lures work the best? ive use spinner bait and plastic worm but i dont seem to catch anything. what type of lures work the best for bass or pike? and if you have a picture of the lure then that would be great cuz i want to see what im trying to buy at the store.

Chosen Answer:

Topwater lures have some good results. Diving crank plugs also work well. Topwater lures and rubber baits work best in shallow water in morning and evening, while divers and spinners work best in afternoon. So, you may have the right stuff, but bad presentation and time of use can prevent you from getting results. Also, old rubber worms smell artificial and unappealing, so make sure your rubber baits have scent on them. So my favorite is whatever works that day, but I really like topwater lures and rubber baits, so my best fishing is in the morning.

Sorry, no pics, but anyone in the store should know what you are talking about. I would recommend actually shopping in a sporting goods store, because their employees should know what they are talking about (Beware, they have proven this theory incorrect before).

Good luck!

What kind of inline spinner would be best to catch a striped bass?

I would like to know all the brand but preferably kastmaster so I can cast further thanks

Chosen Answer:

There’s a species specific “Striper Rooster Tail”, which would work great for them. Get a handful of these — http://www.basspro.com/Wordens-Striper-Rooster-Tail-Lures/product/1734/-281677 in different colors. By the way, Kastmaster’s don’t cast any farther any other similar lure, I believe their name was came to because they originally only made spoons which are heavy, easily castable lures.

Best Spinners for trout and tips for using them colors Too?

I live in Pennsylvania and i mostly fish creeks My favorite one to fish if you live in Pa is Bald Eagle creek I was just wondering what lures spinners are the best I like using mepps i caught a few with them is there any other that are good and what colors are the best.

Chosen Answer:

use a ron thompson 6 foot rod, with a size 2 mepp(google if you dont know what this is) any colour will work. i normally use gold or silver.