What is the best general category of Battle Bot (fighting robot)?

Of the 13 categories of fighting robots listed on the web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_combat#Combat_robot_weaponry_and_design (rammer, wedge, spinner, etc.), what is generally considered to be the best overall category in terms a potential 1-on-1 competition win/loss ratio if say a 220 lb robot was entered into a competition today?

Please qualify your answer with specific reasons why a category would most likely best all others. Thanks in advance!

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This link has a lot to look into.

As far as which is ‘best’?
Well, that would be a matter of opinion which will vary from player to player.
Each person likes to utilize skills that they enjoy and find successful.

Is Graeme Swann now the best spinner in world cricket?

he was 2nd in terms of most Test match wickets in 2009 – only Mitchel Johnson took more. He has now proved he can perform against the best with 9 wickets in the match against S.A.
there are few ‘great’ spinners now in the international game – Vettori and Harbhajan are his main competitors I guess.

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►Then what about vettori , shakib ul hasan , ajmal , kaneria◄
►He would be in Top 5◄