Why do Indian fans gang up on supporters of other teams?

It’s completely ridiculous how Indian fans thumbs down dissenting opinions into oblivion.It’s completely ok for them to rant about Sachin Tendulkar’s greatness or how Harbajan is the best spinner in the world.Not only this but Indian fans repeatedly use abusive language for players of other teams.I don’t know why the indian supporters are so overconfident and rude at the same time.

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P’quaint, I have often seen you Indians fighting amongst yourselves on YouTube and using really abusive language for your fellow countrymen on the internet. So your “unity and solidarity’ do not seem very strong, do they?

who is best spinner in the world current cricket teams ?


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Hey!!!!!! Tears Nafeez you forgot New Zealand on that list. not very nice considering Vettori is rated world number 1 odi bowler at the moment. and u call yourself a top contributor

Tests: Kumble Or Murali
ODI: Dan Vettori or Murali

Who was the best spin bowler from this country?

Who is the best spinner from this cricket playing country native to this :


Ha ha ! Good try !

This is going to be a good one !

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It’s Guyana, in South America. The best spinner from Guyana was Roger Harper. Lance Gibbs is the second best.

Roger has a better average.