Who’s the greatest storyteller of song IYO, not merely a singer but a spinner of great stories?

Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, or another? BQ:Title of the best true story told through a song that you know?

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Harry Chapin
Not sure if it’s true, but here’s my favorite by him:

It was from his final concert.

Is Fiberglass still the best choice for spinner and crank baits?

I am starting to realize through previous questions and research that I will need more than just one rod for bass fishing. For worms and jigs, I am pretty sure I am going to get a 7′ MH Fast Action Graphite Baitcasting Rod with a 6.2:1 (at least) Gear Ratio Baitcasting Reel, unless of course that is all wrong. I’ll let the experts be the judge of that. For Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits, I have been reading that fiberglass is prefered. Is this still the case? Can one rod effectively double as a spinnerbait and crankbait rod, or will I need to suck it up and get 3 rods? Be honest here, please. I know that certain rods are more ideal for certain baits and lures, but being a casual fisherman with 2 kids and woman that loves to spend spend spend, I would like it to double, if possible.

Chosen Answer:

Fiberglass is preferred for “the Pro”.

“Dedicated anglers” who spend a majority of their time deep Crankin’ lures that reach 12 PLUS FT depths would benefit from having a Glass rod, (such as one of these- http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_44474____SearchResults ), but if you rarely fish that deep (or use deep-diving Cranks constantly), purchasing a rod that “specialized” would be a waste of money. If your strapped for cash, maybe think about upgrading to that next year, or in the near future?

You will get a wide range of opinions on what 2 rods to purchase on any website.(A friend told me once- “Opinions are like @ss-holes- everyone has them! lol)

Here’s my 2 cents:

A GOOD 7′ MH rod with , (at least) a 6:2:1 ratio baitcasting reel is a great start. You will be able to do a variety of techniques with this outfit like Jigging, Spinnerbaits, larger Soft Plastics, Flippin, Carolina Rig, Froggin’, Etc.

Add a 7′ M action Spinning outfit and you’ve got most of your bases covered.

Here are a few baitcasting rods and reels with great feedback you may want to consider. Go to Bass Pro Shops or Cabelas.com to see reviews-

Baitcasting reels??

1. Shimano, Citica E

2. Daiwa, Exceler (sold at Cabelas)

3. David Fritts model ( A “sleeper” reel with great feedback. I own a couple and they are solid reels. Unfortunately, BPS decided to discontinue them. You can occasionally find them on EBay for -. They originally sold for 0. Do a search on EBay for “david fritts reel” to view the reel.)

4. Pflueger, Asaro (Another “sleeper” reel with great feedback. I own a couple of these. Really NICE reels! Two years ago BPS originally sold these for 9. I got mine (brand new) for . EBay is awesome at times….lol).

5. Pinnacle, Alyssa XLT (Another solid “sleeper” reel. If your looking for a good reel and aren’t hung up on “brand names”, this is a fantastic purchase. Make sure to ONLY get the XLT model!)

Here’s a tip- If you buy “used” reels from reputable dealers on EBay, you can get INSANE pricing for high-end, brand name, reels ! Do you have any idea how many people try baitcasting and decide to go back to Spinning equipment or golf? (wink) I’ve probably saved over 00 a YEAR buying older lures and reels from EBay……

Realize that almost every year, (and certainly every other year) major reel company’s come out with their “new line” of products . And like cars, the distributors have to “get rid” of the older model to make way for the new……..

A discontinued reel is not a “bad” reel it’s just a reel that needs to make way for a new product……(I’m sure you get the picture).

Rods are another story- A beat up rod on EBay is STILL a beat-up rod. Best to buy rods new, (if you can).


1. Shimano, Convergence

2. Cabelas, MagTouch casting rod

3. Berkley, Shock Series Lightning rod

4. Cabelas, Prodigy casting rod (currently on sale! Was 0 now !)

Any of these would be excellent! When searching for rods make sure to read all feedback available.

Spinning outfit’s????

You can easily get a quality 7′ Medium action Spinning combo below 0. Here’s some rods and reels to check out:


1. Pflueger, President- Best “bang for your buck” reel you can purchase. At you won’t find a more durable, quality, buy (period). You would want the 6735 size.


1. Cabelas, Gold Label Spinning rods are currently on sale for . Order a 7′ M !!!!!!! The warranty system at Cabelas is second to none- if it breaks or has issues they will replace it for free.

Hope this info helps ya?

Do you agree with the British media and a few?

of their fans?
Recently I read many pieces claiming Swan to be the best spinner in the world? Is he better than Vettori or Bhajji or Ramdev? (I am not sure whether Murali is still playing tests)

Chosen Answer:

There is a saying: Where there is no sugar, even neem flower can be sweet.
This is not something new. Before Swann, even Monty was acclaimed as the best!
Swann, no doubt is one of the best England has produced of recent times. But on quality rating he will not come anywhere near Harbhajan or Vettori.
Of course he is an intelligent learner and a decent lat order batsman.

Whats the best spinner for cathcing bass?

theres this pond by my house that is great for bass…and i want to know what is good to use to be sure of a catch…i have this old spinner i use and caught a 22 inch bass with but it always hurts the fish i catch so i want to get a new spinner

Chosen Answer:

As long as you do not allow the fish to swallow the hook (set the hook at the right time), you will not injure the bass. Their large mouths are very conducive to healing from hook punctures.

As far as a new spinner bait,

Bass Pro has a lot great offerings, as do most local Walmarts.


If you like spinner baits, you many want to try buzz baits. Buzz baits are awesome top water lures.