What site is best for FREE gay dating in the U.K?

Gay dating is a money spinner, and the net is swarmed with premium sites, but its difficult to find a “GOOD” free one that allows contact between individual men via e-mail. Anyone got any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

I met most of the partners I have had through gaydar. Same goes for a lot of my friends too.

The internet is a great way of meeting people. You come across people you would have never met on the street.

And the best bit – you get to talk to someone and get to know them really well before your pants take control!!


What is the best piece of exercise equipment to buy for someone like me who hates to exercise and is lazy!!!!?

I know I need to work out, middle age spread is creeping in, I like to walk, so no need for a treadmill, I have a bike to no stationary bike, but what about a “spinner”, what is that? I need to lose that spare tire? And I know I need to learn portion control…..thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Don’t waste your money on exercise equipment. Walking is good. Challenge yourself by varying your pace (alternate quick and normal speeds), walking further, varying your route to take in hills (both up and down work muscles). You can do a similar thing with your bike – don’t forget a helmet.
Reduce portion sizes by using smaller plates and bowls. Eat whilst sitting at the table with others. It’s bad manners to eat whilst you’re talking – so talk to them a lot and you’ll have less time for eating!

where is the best place to fish for pike in southampton uk?

can someone tell me the best place to fish for pike in the UK Southampton i need kelp because I am looking for a new place to fish at and I am thinking of going tomorrow please tell me the location and what type of tackle is best spinner live bait dead bait or a lure or even float fishing which is best thank you :)

Chosen Answer:

In a river!

Ashwin is the best spinner in the world says Faf Du Plessis, do you agree?

“Someone like Ashwin, for me, is the best spinner in the world at the moment. He’s just unbelievable, with so many different variations, and he doesn’t give you anything to hit.”


Chosen Answer:

$ * He is talented for sure * $

yet to play for India in Tests or even regularly in Odie’s maybe he is referring to him as the best spinner in T-20 where he will have little competition too but he has to prove himself for couple of years, come out of Harbhajan’s shadow, dominate him, dominate batsmen like a certain Warne or Murli did, Swann & Syed Ajmal are doing now, he has good competition with current players, once he overcomes them then only can he lay claim to be the best, not yet, wish him all the best, we have high hopes off him.