what are the best types of hooks for freshwater bass and trout?

like hooks with spinners, colors, what works best? links to pictures or products would be great


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Sounds like you are looking for more than just hooks, maybe lures is what you are looking for. As one of the other posters said there are thousands to choose from varying in size and shape. For info on lures see if this may help. Copy and paste if you need to.


whats the best size and best style spinners to but on a 1998bmw 500 series.?

spinnig wheels

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I wouldnt get spinners because they are a waste of money seeing as how they dont last as long as normal rims,but if you go with normal rims try and find a set of: focal-rims-f5-17S 18″
This is wear I got my rims.

Best Spinners for trout and tips for using them colors Too?

I live in Pennsylvania and i mostly fish creeks My favorite one to fish if you live in Pa is Bald Eagle creek I was just wondering what lures spinners are the best I like using mepps i caught a few with them is there any other that are good and what colors are the best.

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use a ron thompson 6 foot rod, with a size 2 mepp(google if you dont know what this is) any colour will work. i normally use gold or silver.