What is the best pattern for cathing bass on a spinner bait?

Chosen Answer:

It can depend on a variety of factors…such as what the main forage is on the lake, the time of day, water clarity, and what the fish are just in the mood for. In stained water, hot color presentations like chartreuse are good choices. In clear water, more neutral color presentations like white, silver, black, etc. are good choices. However, have a whole variety of sizes and color patterns at your disposal. Sometimes its a guessing game as to what they want and you have to run through the tackle to find it. In water where fish are more aggressive, I use willow leaf bladed spinners, whereas when the fish are less aggressive, I use one with a cupped blade. The reason being that the cupped blade make more noise in the water to draw and coax lethargic fish. Happy fishing and tight lines!!

what are the best spinners to use for trout fishing in lakes?

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When it comes ta’ spinners, my main producer for trout is the old “Uncle Martin” a.k.a. Panther Marin (gold blade w/ black body and yellow spots), one other that I show favoritism to is Blue Fox (silver blade w/ blue body). One can troll (I use a down-rigger) with them or bank fish. Might note, I recently started usin Pro-Cure fish attractant and as the sayin’ goes, ” a little dab will do ya’ ” ;) !! I’m not the kind that’s inta’ the use of sprays or gels scene, but a buddy turned me onto it and I became a QUICK believer!! Try it ya’ just might like it!? Here’s a link for Pro-Cure.