murali is on fire…his 21st 10th wicket haul…India had no clue!?

the Indian team were actually bamboozled by murali and mendis…..where was sachin, dravid, ganguly, laxman and everyone else?

murali, is prob the best spinner of all time
cho kon it: i agree… would be interesting…lara is phenomenal when facing spinners…not only them but just everyone…its a pity that Lara retired….anyway…sachins gonna get his records….
LORD OF THE VEIN; dont accuse murali of being a chucker. this is not what the question is about. call is bat batting or good bowling, you dont have a right to respond like that. If you have heard of biomechanics then you will know that murali is CLEAR.

I presume you are aussie? Just cos drug taking warnie aint there its ok?

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indians have 20/20 on their minds test cricket is 3rd in the list of things to do

Who is the best batsman against spinners?

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Sachin Tendulkar.
The reason for picking him up is he is the only one who made Shane Warn a highest wicket taker bowler nervous and scared to ball him.
Shane warn himself admit that and belives that is the best.

No more Sachin Vs Warne.?

We’ve seen the maestro playing some wild shots off d world’s best spinner shane warne. Warne also enjoys picking up d wicket of sachin. (Warne in an interview said that he got some nightmare’s that sachin is taking charge of d every ball he bowls) But warne going to retire. So there is no more Sachin Vs Warne. The fans of both sachin and warne will miss really a lot.

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yes they always have a great contest

Why do Indian fans gang up on supporters of other teams?

It’s completely ridiculous how Indian fans thumbs down dissenting opinions into oblivion.It’s completely ok for them to rant about Sachin Tendulkar’s greatness or how Harbajan is the best spinner in the world.Not only this but Indian fans repeatedly use abusive language for players of other teams.I don’t know why the indian supporters are so overconfident and rude at the same time.

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P’quaint, I have often seen you Indians fighting amongst yourselves on YouTube and using really abusive language for your fellow countrymen on the internet. So your “unity and solidarity’ do not seem very strong, do they?