What site is best for FREE gay dating in the U.K?

Gay dating is a money spinner, and the net is swarmed with premium sites, but its difficult to find a “GOOD” free one that allows contact between individual men via e-mail. Anyone got any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

I met most of the partners I have had through gaydar. Same goes for a lot of my friends too.

The internet is a great way of meeting people. You come across people you would have never met on the street.

And the best bit – you get to talk to someone and get to know them really well before your pants take control!!


Whats the best bait and lure for Sea Bass fishing?

I’ve been told Lugworm is good with a plug or spinner, but I’d like a second opinion.
Fishing from the east coast of Scotland.

Chosen Answer:

There are lots of bass in the sea, and more fish called “bass” which aren’t really bass. They all eat all sorts of things, from sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and other fish, to squid, worms, mussels, crabs, shrimp, and so on, plus a bunch of different types of artificials. If you say where you’re fishing, you might get a useful answer.

ADD: Scotland? I haven’t got a clue.

What is the best lures to use while fishing for largemouth bass and/or white bass?

i use bright colored spinner baits, spoons, and little georges. any other suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

Really its what works for you.

If those baits are working, keep hammering at them, if not try switching some things around. Dont go too crazy, the basics will always do real well for you. But its fun to try different things from time to time. I like spinners and jigs, but every once in awhile I’ll throw some live bait out. Just fish what you like and have fun

what’s the best efficient easiest way to rinse salad?

is it really a salad spinner? thanks for your opinions.
sorry, i meant salad greens..leafy greens. Thanks.

Chosen Answer:

yes use a salad spinner. you not only do you want your lettuce clean but you want it dried properly. I used to work in a kitchen store. the best one we sold was by OXO good grips. It has a pump on top and a brake. the botton has a non skid pad. I own one and love it. the big one sells for around , you can find it at target and at amazon.com

some models have a crank or a zip cord. Just be careful because you can send them flying if you don’t keep a hand in it.

What is the best bass lure to use in the hot summer days in south Texas rivers?

I will be fishing in early sun rising morning… The river section I will mostly fishing is about 4 feet and has a really light green color waters almost clear. What would you recommend for fast flowing waters, is there bass there?! Am I right in spinnerbaits since of the reflection of light by the lure and the spinner?!

Chosen Answer:

a watermelon colared 4 inch senko and a watermelon trickworm rig wacky riged or texas and fish it slowly and if done right will catch you fish!

In degrassi do you think jane will tell spinner about her dad?

in the last 2 episodes we came to a conclusion that her dad molested her when she was little..she told all her family. but i was really excited to see spinners reaction because i like them as a couple the best. but i watched a couple of the next episodes and it looked as though everyone dropped it..

did she/is she going to tell spinner what happened with her dad?

Chosen Answer:

If she does it won’t be in season 8.

Do the Australians really believe Warne is better than Muralidharan?

Look at the man. he along with waugh was involved in match fixing. a confined and certified drug addict. womanizer and God knows what else. He got most of his wickets against the likes of England and New Zealand who don’t know the ABC of playing spin. So why do you think he is better than Muarlidharan who got most of his wickets against India and Pakistan, the best players of Spin?
The Sri lankan was never involved in any controversies. his action which is due to a physical deformality has been cleared by the ICC. In spite of all these facts why do the Australians behave and act as if Warne is the best spinner in the world?

Chosen Answer:

Apart from the fact that Warnie is a goose, he does bowl legal deliveries so all his wickets are from true skill.

Muarlidharan clearly does not have a bowling arm action which is within the laws of cricket, so, as such should never have played the game.

HOW can you compare a cricketer against a cheat.

No more Sachin Vs Warne.?

We’ve seen the maestro playing some wild shots off d world’s best spinner shane warne. Warne also enjoys picking up d wicket of sachin. (Warne in an interview said that he got some nightmare’s that sachin is taking charge of d every ball he bowls) But warne going to retire. So there is no more Sachin Vs Warne. The fans of both sachin and warne will miss really a lot.

Chosen Answer:

yes they always have a great contest

What kind of spinners work best in the winter months?

I am a massive fan of Mepps spinners and I find them very productive lures to use during the warmer months of the year, however when the winter arrives and the temperature plummets I really struggle to catch pike and perch on the spinner in the winter.

After doing some quick research, the general consensus about winter lure fishing here in the UK where I live, is that the best way to fish is very deep and very slow. The problem is that although it is possible to retrieve a spinner very deep, it is not really possible to retrieve a spinner slowly as this tends to stops the spinner blade from rotating properly.

I love using spinners, but last winter was so unproductive on the spinner that it became a bit soul destroying, so if anyone has any ideas about good pike/perch spinners to use during the winter months, then it would be much appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Pike etc are much more sluggish in the winter, so don’t use spinners. Use slow sinking lures that can be retrieved very slowly. I love Savage Gear 4Play lures. If the water is coloured, use bright colours to increase visibility.

I never have as much regular sucess with lures in the winter as I do in the summer, although I have had a few absolutely dynamite days. You are certainly going to have blank days.

One thing you may want to try to increase your chances when going out with your rods for a walk on a winter’s day is also to take a deadbait float rod with you. When you find a likely looking spot sling out the lures a few times. If you have no joy then lob in the float setup and give it 15 minutes. If you still have no success, then move on. Combining the two methods doubles your chances.

Do you agree with Spinner’s worst and best Christmas song lists?



I like the Smashing Pumpkin xmas song and the No Doubt xmas song. I really think Gradma got run over by a reindeer should be on that list. And White Christmas by Bring Crosby…yeah yeah it is a classic…but I have never liked that song.

And the best list, most of the songs I have never heard. But John Lennon’s War is Over was a good choice.

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