Which belt is better to buy? Heavyweight or Rated R Spinner?

I am confused between two replica belts i.e. Heavyweight & Rated R spinner.. Which one is the best?

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If you are die-hard-fan of Edge, then get the Rated R Spinner, the belt is not use in the WWE anymore and they might stop selling the replica in the future and you will lose your chance to have it.

I think the Heavyweight belt will always be on sale, so no need to hurry for that one, you can have it (if you want to) next year.

who is best spinner in the world current cricket teams ?


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Hey!!!!!! Tears Nafeez you forgot New Zealand on that list. not very nice considering Vettori is rated world number 1 odi bowler at the moment. and u call yourself a top contributor

Tests: Kumble Or Murali
ODI: Dan Vettori or Murali