Spinner Lure Question?

1.Where should I throw them at to catch Bass?

2. Is there a specific way to throw them?

3.What is the best kind of Spinner Lure?(include a picture please)

4.At what time,season and hour, should I use them?

5.What the best kind of Spinner Lure to use in the morning,afternoon,and evening?

Be Specific.

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These can be used anywhere and are very versatile. Try fishing them in cover, along the bank, and on overcast days, just throw them straight out and rel them up fast.



I usually fish these along rocky banks, or use them when trolling.



I use these in shady areas and around logs and stumps.

Rocket Shad


Throw this one anywhere it won’t get hung up and hold on.

Mr. Crappie crappie jigs


Fish around cover with these and if there are crappie, they will bite it.

During the hot part of the summer, Fish early in the morning (sunrise to 10AM) and late in the evening (7PM to 10PM). Right before a bad thunderstorm is the best time to catch fish. Full moon works good, too.Early spring try fishing noon to late evening. Fall, whenever the suns up. Winter, any time you can get out without freezing to death.

WHY wasn’t a more seamer friendly pitch created..?

I think I asked this EXACT question around the same time last year, but it still confuses me. Even MORE now that India are playing Sri Lanka.

Why has another flat pitch that will spin later been produced?

India have Zaheer Khan who is probably the best seam/swing bowler in the world, they have Ishant Sharma who is a young talent and very capable of moving the ball in seaming conditions.

They are facing Sri Lanka, a team who generally struggle away from home on any pitch that has a bit of movement in it.

India’s best spinner Harbhajan Singh is out of form, and their second spinner Amit Misrah hasn’t played a First Class match for 6 months. Whilst the opposition have Muttiah Muralitharan the most successful spin bowler in the history of the game.

So why?????
I understand that creating a seamer friendly pitch in India is tough, but I would do everything in my power if I was creating the pitch, to allow help for the seamers.

Unless of course Totti is right, and they are under instructions to make it a 5 day pitch!. Which of course brings me to the facts that Test Cricket is dying because of reasons like these

Chosen Answer:

I know its sickening, and the curators should be asked to break this “trend” by the BCCI, but then again, they want to make sure the telecasters get full 5 days coverage (yeah even if it turns out be a dull boring match).

Question for Aussie Cricket fans.?

I know a lot of people are saying we have no good spinners anywhere in the country, they keep playing these crap spinners like hauritz and krejza who in my opinion are useless. In my opinion the best spinner on form is Aaron heal from W.A, his performances and figures speak for themselves, why the hell havnt the selectors given him a go, things can’t get any worse. Your opinions?
great answers so far, i like to see everyone’s opinions. yeh main reason, i know he may not have warne like wicket amounts, but if you watch him bowl, in my opinion he beats the bat more than any of the others, which is something that doesnt show in stats

Chosen Answer:

No idea who this Aron Heal is. Forget Australia, if you search the entire planet you won’t find a replacement for Warne.
The same’ll happen to India when Sachin retires: these are phases and one has to go through them

Who do chucker’s like Muralidharan and Malinga still play cricket?

why hasn’t the ICC banned them yet for cheating.Why can’t they bowl like Michael Clarke and Brad Hodge,the two best spinner’s in the last decade?
@Furiouso We australian’s are always right,do not question the God’s of cricket!
@Gracie -you disagree with ME?Do you know I’m the most respected user in this section?

Chosen Answer:

Shoun Tait is the real chucker

Murali is the greatest bowler ever

If I upgrade my laptop memory what happens to all the information that was on it?

I have come to the point that my computer only has 20gb left out of 140 gb and I am unsure what happens if I upgrade IE, do I lose all the files that I have accumulated over time and what happens to all the programs that I have IE, best spinner, Hypervre Etc. The other question I have is, how much memory can I update to? Thank you in anticipation for your advise.

Chosen Answer:

Ram memory (Random Access Memory) is clear every time you close a program or shut down the operating system and lap top.
You can upgrade the ram memory modules, go to http://www.crucial.com run the tool to find what it now has, max the system will support, the correct type and size for upgrade.
The 20 GB of space left is hard drive storage space (a hard drive has no memory it is for storage of the operating system and programs, files etc.) you can remove unused programs, delete files/folders, pictures etc to make some room or transfer to CD’s or external drive. You could back up any thing of importance to CD’s or external hard drive and then install larger new hard drive and then install new original operating system then copy the saved files back to the new hard drive.
IE, Internet Explorer is the browser and part of the operating system upgrading to IE8 will not use any more space and you will not loose any thing such as bookmarks etc, it all is saved automatically and stays in the browser.

who is best off spinner in the world?

Chosen Answer:

Do you need an answer for this question.
It is definitely MUTTIAH MURILATHARAN.He has won so many matches for Sri Lanka single handedly.Nobody has won so many matches for his team.
He has most variations in bowling in this world.He can spin the ball even on a glass surface.The distance his bowl turns is awesome.
He is definitely the greatest off spinner of all time.