what are the best types of hooks for freshwater bass and trout?

like hooks with spinners, colors, what works best? links to pictures or products would be great


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Sounds like you are looking for more than just hooks, maybe lures is what you are looking for. As one of the other posters said there are thousands to choose from varying in size and shape. For info on lures see if this may help. Copy and paste if you need to.


whats the best spinner bait for bass?

i fish mostly in shallow dark watered ponds with lots of cover

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I tend to have a different experience with the spinner baits then other posters. In My area I have found that on different years, the bite will vary greatly from one brand of spinner bait to the other. I can only assume it is due to the different vibrations each lure gives out, or something in the design of the bait that for some reason the bass are attracted to it a little more then other brands. 3 years ago A Strike King 1 ounce spinner bait with chartreuse and white skirt was the hottest spinner bait in the entire complex. For the last 2 years the best spinner bait is the Humdinger, in a variety of colors. They are a dirt cheap lure that is flying off the shelves so fast stores can’t keep them in stock. Next year it may be another brand. While all spinner baits will catch fish, there are some years that a certain brand may be “magic” for that year. For your particular situation I would go with a humdinger with a crawfish colored skirt. In 1 ounce size.