What is the best rig to use when fishing in a fresh water pond?

i have been fishing in a pond behind my house and i use spinners and spoons. what else is good to use.

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I lot of people think a fly rod is for trout, but I think its highest and greatest use is for a large bass. I caught an 8lb and a 5lb last night on a large white popping bug. Rubber legs, black and white feathers. I lost another that looked to be in the 7 to 8 lb range. It was the finest fishing day of my life and it all happened in less than two hours before dark.

You don’t need a fancy set up. Decent rods are available under 0. Pay more and it just for show. Get you some popping bugs, and sinking spiders, woolly buggers, black and red ants and bream flys. You will have a blast.

How to fish a spinner bait on a pond?

I know a couple ways to fish one but i do not know the best way

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Wow Devyn, Dont be to helpful. Try it around brush by just twitching it instead of retrieving it. Also when retrieving let it break the surface to catch a basses attention. Good luck. Ps. Purple meps spinner #3. Gets them every time.

Whats the best spinner for cathcing bass?

theres this pond by my house that is great for bass…and i want to know what is good to use to be sure of a catch…i have this old spinner i use and caught a 22 inch bass with but it always hurts the fish i catch so i want to get a new spinner

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As long as you do not allow the fish to swallow the hook (set the hook at the right time), you will not injure the bass. Their large mouths are very conducive to healing from hook punctures.

As far as a new spinner bait,

Bass Pro has a lot great offerings, as do most local Walmarts.


If you like spinner baits, you many want to try buzz baits. Buzz baits are awesome top water lures.