will saeed ajmal play in the icc 2011 wc?

hopefully he does because he is a great player (in my opinion the best of spinner right now).

he probably will because tendulkar is gonna play 2011 wc even though he is like 37

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dont overrate him , he is OK spinner. and he will play for PAk in coming WC

Will this be the last time the ‘Big 5′ will be playing a Test match in Srilanka???

Tendulkar the little master, Dravid the Wall, Ganguly, Laxman, Kumble one of the best spinners in the world. is this the last time they’ll play a test match in srilanka???
It has been a treat to watch them play here in the past, although they unferperformed in this series so far!!!

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Well, perhaps only one out of our fabulous 5 would still form a part of the Indian team the next time India tours Sri Lanka, and that has to be Sachin Tendulkar. Perhaps, Rahul Dravid too has a slim chance of making it to the next time, but it’s improbable that Ganguly, Kumble and Laxman would be there. Infact, Ganguly is likely to be axed from the team in the very next series, on account of his poor performance throughout this Sri Lanka tour.

It surely feels great to see the 5 of them play together, especially when they are in good touch. But unfortunately our seniors hasn’t been able to deliver in this series.

why do people think Murali chucks when the same council which allows him to play in the first place?

is the same one that cleared him? I hate it when people, especially Australians, call him a chucker. just because he is beating Warnie… Warnie’s the best leg spinner, Murali the best off spinner. simple.

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You’re right, i think you know allot about Cricket and it’s rules
See bro, there are many reasons for why people say Murali chucks…

1- They are blind
2- They dont know the rules of ICC
3- They are jelous
4- They dont like him
5- Because he is dark
6- Because he is a Srilankan
7- Because he is a Hindu
8- Because he is the best
9- Because shane warne doesnt like him
10- Because he is not playing for their team
11- Because Aussies dont like him
12- Because great batsman’s find difficult to face his deliveries
13- Because he is a quick wicket taker
14- Because he is a legend… etc…

It will keep on going, there will definitely be satans around you when you’r coming up well very fastly.

But, what ever said or done, MURALI is always the best.
He rules…
He rock…

Congrats Murali…

Who do chucker’s like Muralidharan and Malinga still play cricket?

why hasn’t the ICC banned them yet for cheating.Why can’t they bowl like Michael Clarke and Brad Hodge,the two best spinner’s in the last decade?
@Furiouso We australian’s are always right,do not question the God’s of cricket!
@Gracie -you disagree with ME?Do you know I’m the most respected user in this section?

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Shoun Tait is the real chucker

Murali is the greatest bowler ever

Indoor Cricket tips greatly needed, 10 points best answer!?


I am going to play my first indoor cricket game tomorrow and really want to win :)

What are some tips for indoor cricket that’s different to outdoor cricket?

I can bowl any type. What style is best? Spinner or Fast?

With fast bowling, they might get a better chance to hit a 4 but with slow bowling, they have to create their own pace….

What do you think?

And also when you bat, how should you try to score runs? Go for singles or smash 4/6′s? You and your partner only bat for 4 overs anyway….

Also should I pitch the ball up in chance of yorking batsmen or should i bounce it short in hope of a catch?
So Liam by your advice, I’ll ball good to short length and bat using a straight drive for 4′s. Slogs are a stupid way to get boundaries when you can just simply do a frontfoot or backfoot drive.

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I’m stuck on you