Who is best spinner Murali or Shane warn?

In my opinion Shane warn much better bowler then the Murali, because 1) he bowl leg spin as we know bowling leg spin very difficult the the Offspin
2) His record alwys consistene whethever he played at home or Away, does not relie on the pitch.
3) His bowling action very clear unlike Murali who throw the ball means illegal action.

Are you agree with me or not? please answer in detail if possible.

Chosen Answer:

I think Shane hold upper hand because he doesn’t allow any body to comment on his bowling action whereas in case of Murli question are raised quiet regularly. Due to him ICC make 15 degree rule to bend the arm at the point of delivery.

It done to fix Murali in the scheme of legal bowling no doubt about his ability but he created controversy

who is the best spinner in the world now? Muralitharan or Shane warne?

one the master of leg spin and the other offspin.

Chosen Answer:

YOU said it your self they are diffreent kind of bowler – legspin and offspin
its not fair to compair them, as you can not compare their bowling style.
if you go for record – murali had beter record but on the other hand shane has also won australia more matches.