How do you beat a spinner (slicer) in tennis?

This guys hits it one inch over the net at about 90mph and of course it bearly comes up. I topsin it back to him as best i can… but he pounds another one back.

Chosen Answer:

This is your average slicer, to beat them you will need to is hit them back with a semi-smash and driving it to the center of the court,

If you do this he will not be able to get an accurate slice there, if he does return it it will be still bad hit and will give you an opportunity. This is when you hit it and drive the ball into your designated area of the court.

Watch out for slices as they can differ in speed and in movement.

Good Luck!

What’s the best type of delivery to be bowled by the bowler if the oppnents need a 4 off the last ball?

If you were the captain of your team, what type of ball would you advice to your bowler.

….and yeah, who would that bowler be (some captains may prefer a spinner thats why)
good idea Monti, but the bowler has to be totally focussed in order to avoid that bouncer being called a “wide”

Chosen Answer:

A bouncer

In that kind of a situation,the batsmen expect the bowler to bowl a yorker or a low full toss so they are prepared to face that kind of a delivery.
If a bouncer is bowled,i think the probability of the batsman scoring a 4 will be low.

I also liked the answer by Gladiator,a slow off or leg cutter outside off stump would also be a good option.You have to bowl something which the batsman is not expecting.

A wide ball will not hurt much.You still need 3 to win and the batsman will strill have to look for a boundary.
I can’t think of many batsmen who can execute a hook shot properly and that too under pressure and that too while thinking that the bowler would bowl a slow ball or a yorker.

What is the best piece of exercise equipment to buy for someone like me who hates to exercise and is lazy!!!!?

I know I need to work out, middle age spread is creeping in, I like to walk, so no need for a treadmill, I have a bike to no stationary bike, but what about a “spinner”, what is that? I need to lose that spare tire? And I know I need to learn portion control…..thanks!

Chosen Answer:

Don’t waste your money on exercise equipment. Walking is good. Challenge yourself by varying your pace (alternate quick and normal speeds), walking further, varying your route to take in hills (both up and down work muscles). You can do a similar thing with your bike – don’t forget a helmet.
Reduce portion sizes by using smaller plates and bowls. Eat whilst sitting at the table with others. It’s bad manners to eat whilst you’re talking – so talk to them a lot and you’ll have less time for eating!

What is the best reel for casting light lures (1/8oz spinners mainly)?

What would be the best reel between 50-250$ that would be ideal for trout fishing with 4lb test, and 1/8oz lures. I need whichever reel will cast those tiny spinners the farthest. Which would you choose for this ? (please include specific model names or links so I know exactly which reel your tallking about) thanks alot everyone. I really appreciate the advice

Chosen Answer:

There are many good reels in that price range.

And you will probably get many different good answer’s.

Here’s my pick:

Number 1- For years I would only use 2 different company’s for freshwater Spinning reels- Shimano & Daiwa. I wanted the “best” and Shimano & Daiwa always delivered.

BUT, in the last 2-3 years I’ve had tremendous luck with the newly designed Pflueger line of Spinning reels. Currently, they have a great line of spinning reels with the “Supreme” as their flagship model.

I own the Supreme and find it to be as good, (if not BETTER), than anything Daiwa or Shimano has made in that price range. In my opinion, the Supreme is as good as any Shimano Stradic ( ) or Daiwa Sol ( ).

Here are some links so you can view the Supreme and READ the REVIEWS:

Pflueger Supreme-

You would want the 8025 size for Trout.

47 people give this reel a 4.8 out of 5.

You can purchase a more expensive reel like a Shimano Stradic, Daiwa Sol, Daiwa Steez, Shimano Stella, Etc- but your best “bang for your buck” reel IS the Supreme.

That’s my 2 cent’s. Hope it helps ya? Good luck in your search.

Which belt is better to buy? Heavyweight or Rated R Spinner?

I am confused between two replica belts i.e. Heavyweight & Rated R spinner.. Which one is the best?

Chosen Answer:

If you are die-hard-fan of Edge, then get the Rated R Spinner, the belt is not use in the WWE anymore and they might stop selling the replica in the future and you will lose your chance to have it.

I think the Heavyweight belt will always be on sale, so no need to hurry for that one, you can have it (if you want to) next year.

On what basis do you like or support a CRICKETER from another country?

I read a comment by American golfer/commentator about golfer Rory McIllroy that he is big headed & has been hailed too soon to become a future superstar & with his bad attitude its difficult to back him.
How do you back a Cricketer from other country apart from your own cricketers. I had a chance to meet S.Warne & he introduced himself, which he didn’t need to but that made me his fan forever & on top that he is one of the best spinners world has seen. Pl share your thoughts…

Chosen Answer:

I’ve always liked Rahul Dravid, technically the most gifted to play in Test match cricket and if I had to choose one player to go in and bat for my life you know you won’t be let down by a rush of blood. Really unlucky in that he his career has run parallel with Sachins as this has meant he has not really had the recognition he probably deserves.
Just hope we get him cheaply this morning !! Lol

Is Fiberglass still the best choice for spinner and crank baits?

I am starting to realize through previous questions and research that I will need more than just one rod for bass fishing. For worms and jigs, I am pretty sure I am going to get a 7′ MH Fast Action Graphite Baitcasting Rod with a 6.2:1 (at least) Gear Ratio Baitcasting Reel, unless of course that is all wrong. I’ll let the experts be the judge of that. For Spinnerbaits and Crankbaits, I have been reading that fiberglass is prefered. Is this still the case? Can one rod effectively double as a spinnerbait and crankbait rod, or will I need to suck it up and get 3 rods? Be honest here, please. I know that certain rods are more ideal for certain baits and lures, but being a casual fisherman with 2 kids and woman that loves to spend spend spend, I would like it to double, if possible.

Chosen Answer:

Fiberglass is preferred for “the Pro”.

“Dedicated anglers” who spend a majority of their time deep Crankin’ lures that reach 12 PLUS FT depths would benefit from having a Glass rod, (such as one of these- ), but if you rarely fish that deep (or use deep-diving Cranks constantly), purchasing a rod that “specialized” would be a waste of money. If your strapped for cash, maybe think about upgrading to that next year, or in the near future?

You will get a wide range of opinions on what 2 rods to purchase on any website.(A friend told me once- “Opinions are like @ss-holes- everyone has them! lol)

Here’s my 2 cents:

A GOOD 7′ MH rod with , (at least) a 6:2:1 ratio baitcasting reel is a great start. You will be able to do a variety of techniques with this outfit like Jigging, Spinnerbaits, larger Soft Plastics, Flippin, Carolina Rig, Froggin’, Etc.

Add a 7′ M action Spinning outfit and you’ve got most of your bases covered.

Here are a few baitcasting rods and reels with great feedback you may want to consider. Go to Bass Pro Shops or to see reviews-

Baitcasting reels??

1. Shimano, Citica E

2. Daiwa, Exceler (sold at Cabelas)

3. David Fritts model ( A “sleeper” reel with great feedback. I own a couple and they are solid reels. Unfortunately, BPS decided to discontinue them. You can occasionally find them on EBay for -. They originally sold for 0. Do a search on EBay for “david fritts reel” to view the reel.)

4. Pflueger, Asaro (Another “sleeper” reel with great feedback. I own a couple of these. Really NICE reels! Two years ago BPS originally sold these for 9. I got mine (brand new) for . EBay is awesome at times….lol).

5. Pinnacle, Alyssa XLT (Another solid “sleeper” reel. If your looking for a good reel and aren’t hung up on “brand names”, this is a fantastic purchase. Make sure to ONLY get the XLT model!)

Here’s a tip- If you buy “used” reels from reputable dealers on EBay, you can get INSANE pricing for high-end, brand name, reels ! Do you have any idea how many people try baitcasting and decide to go back to Spinning equipment or golf? (wink) I’ve probably saved over 00 a YEAR buying older lures and reels from EBay……

Realize that almost every year, (and certainly every other year) major reel company’s come out with their “new line” of products . And like cars, the distributors have to “get rid” of the older model to make way for the new……..

A discontinued reel is not a “bad” reel it’s just a reel that needs to make way for a new product……(I’m sure you get the picture).

Rods are another story- A beat up rod on EBay is STILL a beat-up rod. Best to buy rods new, (if you can).


1. Shimano, Convergence

2. Cabelas, MagTouch casting rod

3. Berkley, Shock Series Lightning rod

4. Cabelas, Prodigy casting rod (currently on sale! Was 0 now !)

Any of these would be excellent! When searching for rods make sure to read all feedback available.

Spinning outfit’s????

You can easily get a quality 7′ Medium action Spinning combo below 0. Here’s some rods and reels to check out:


1. Pflueger, President- Best “bang for your buck” reel you can purchase. At you won’t find a more durable, quality, buy (period). You would want the 6735 size.


1. Cabelas, Gold Label Spinning rods are currently on sale for . Order a 7′ M !!!!!!! The warranty system at Cabelas is second to none- if it breaks or has issues they will replace it for free.

Hope this info helps ya?

who is best off spinner in the world?

Chosen Answer:

Do you need an answer for this question.
It is definitely MUTTIAH MURILATHARAN.He has won so many matches for Sri Lanka single handedly.Nobody has won so many matches for his team.
He has most variations in bowling in this world.He can spin the ball even on a glass surface.The distance his bowl turns is awesome.
He is definitely the greatest off spinner of all time.

where is the best place to fish for pike in southampton uk?

can someone tell me the best place to fish for pike in the UK Southampton i need kelp because I am looking for a new place to fish at and I am thinking of going tomorrow please tell me the location and what type of tackle is best spinner live bait dead bait or a lure or even float fishing which is best thank you :)

Chosen Answer:

In a river!

Do you consider Shane Warne as the best spinner the game has ever seen.?

Chosen Answer:

Of course he is the best spinner in the history of cricket. He is one of the few match-winners that can win you a match single-handedly. If the game is slipping away from you, you just need to hand the bowl to him and he will do wonders. In comparison with Muraltharan I would say that, yes he is also a great off-spinner, but please just take out the wickets he has taken in Colombo, then you will know it. And please, can anyone ask Murali why doesn´t he bowl during the Power-Plays?………….. secondly (2ndly), Shane Warne hardly played a game against minnows carrying a Test-Status in their bags. And of course I love his style! The time he used take before bowling a delivery to set field, and even if the fielder is on the right place, he would ask him to move a bit forward………… backward again after the next delivery. He always looked like a King whenever on-field. He also used to clap after being hit for a six. He always loved challenges. Unfortunately I couldn´t get to see much of him.

From: Rawal.