murali is on fire…his 21st 10th wicket haul…India had no clue!?

the Indian team were actually bamboozled by murali and mendis…..where was sachin, dravid, ganguly, laxman and everyone else?

murali, is prob the best spinner of all time
cho kon it: i agree… would be interesting…lara is phenomenal when facing spinners…not only them but just everyone…its a pity that Lara retired….anyway…sachins gonna get his records….
LORD OF THE VEIN; dont accuse murali of being a chucker. this is not what the question is about. call is bat batting or good bowling, you dont have a right to respond like that. If you have heard of biomechanics then you will know that murali is CLEAR.

I presume you are aussie? Just cos drug taking warnie aint there its ok?

Chosen Answer:

indians have 20/20 on their minds test cricket is 3rd in the list of things to do

SL,Are they the Best agaist Spin?

I wonder how they couldnt when they practice against 3 out of the best 5 spinners in the world.
(My best 5-1)Murali
Do u agree wyt Ma best 5 spinners?If not name them pls

Chosen Answer:

AGREED!! but only for test matches
FOR ODI matches everything is right EXCEPT THE FACT DAT MENDIS shouldnt be dere,he is a young kid who still has a lot to achieve b4 he can be classified as one of the best spinners.maybe in a time of 5 yrs, i will agree to dis.i think graeme swann should be included( for ODIs and T20s

AND indians are the best players of spin.LOOK at the records of murali and warne in india, dey uk dismal compared to the overall record

why do people think Murali chucks when the same council which allows him to play in the first place?

is the same one that cleared him? I hate it when people, especially Australians, call him a chucker. just because he is beating Warnie… Warnie’s the best leg spinner, Murali the best off spinner. simple.

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You’re right, i think you know allot about Cricket and it’s rules
See bro, there are many reasons for why people say Murali chucks…

1- They are blind
2- They dont know the rules of ICC
3- They are jelous
4- They dont like him
5- Because he is dark
6- Because he is a Srilankan
7- Because he is a Hindu
8- Because he is the best
9- Because shane warne doesnt like him
10- Because he is not playing for their team
11- Because Aussies dont like him
12- Because great batsman’s find difficult to face his deliveries
13- Because he is a quick wicket taker
14- Because he is a legend… etc…

It will keep on going, there will definitely be satans around you when you’r coming up well very fastly.

But, what ever said or done, MURALI is always the best.
He rules…
He rock…

Congrats Murali…

Do you agree with the British media and a few?

of their fans?
Recently I read many pieces claiming Swan to be the best spinner in the world? Is he better than Vettori or Bhajji or Ramdev? (I am not sure whether Murali is still playing tests)

Chosen Answer:

There is a saying: Where there is no sugar, even neem flower can be sweet.
This is not something new. Before Swann, even Monty was acclaimed as the best!
Swann, no doubt is one of the best England has produced of recent times. But on quality rating he will not come anywhere near Harbhajan or Vettori.
Of course he is an intelligent learner and a decent lat order batsman.

Who’s the best spin bowler ever? Muttiah Muralitharan or Shane Warne?

Murali was accused of throwing the ball but because of the fact that he has a double jointed wrist he proved the critics wrong!
Murali has the record of 800 Test wickets whereas Warney has just over 700 Test wickets! Both brilliant bowlers but who would you choose to be the best ever spinner?

Chosen Answer:

Murali by a country mile~

Not only his TEST record ,even in ODIs
Don`t forget Murali has 530 ODI wkts too (Compared to Warne`s 290)

WISDEN too named Murali as the greatest ever..

& WISDEN never said Warne is better than Murali..
True that once they picked Warne over Murali & Sachin but it was in yr 2000 !
Murali & Sachin achieved a lot after that..

Not only WISDEN ,even cricinfo website & past cricketers like Viv Richards,Garfield Sobers,V.Sehwag,Rahul Dravid,Arjuna,Tony & even Aussies like Steve Waugh has said Murali is the best ever

Stats too prove that..
When you compoare the two,

Murali have a more wkts(in less matches !)better bowling avrg,economy rate,more 5 wit hauls,more 10 wkt hauls,better best bowling performance in both forms of cricket.

But some Aussies say Murali has taken his wkts against Zim & Bangla

now that too is a lie
Even if you compare the stats against top 8 teams only,

Still Murali has a better bowling avrg,economy rate,more 5 wit hauls,more 10 wkt hauls,better best bowling performance in both forms of cricket !!!

+Warne played most of his matches against Eng & WI but Murali played most of his matches against IND & Pak who play the spinners better than any other team.

Also Warne had the luxury of having great bowlers like Mcgrath,Gillepse& Lee at the other end.
Normally they get rid of the top order & Warne has to bow to the later middle or low order batsmen.
SO you expect him to have at least a better average if he is that good.BUT Still Murali has the better bowling average !

So there is NO ARGUMENT…Murali is the GREATEST EVER ~

Murali is way below his best,yet he is way better than the rest,isnt it amazing.?

The greatest bowler in the history of cricket once more proved that in ipl he is still the no 1,and will be the world no 1 till he retires.

funny some users when,murali went through a little rough period,started celebrating & said that Harbajan & Vettori are the best spinners now,LOL

Chosen Answer:

IPL 3 would be remembered for all the super-stars, over 35 years old, be it in batting, where Sachin is leading the way, along with M.Hayden, A.Gilchrist and in bowling dept, fittingly the no.1, Murli, you can’t replace class & he is a class act, along with Vaas, doing wonders in the bowling dept.

One thing is sure, no one would celebrate in this part of the world, when Murli retires or goes below par, as he is a joy to watch, with regards to another off spinner, no , who ever it is, can’t replace Murli, till he takes more wickets than him & Vettori, at present, rightly called the best, in left arm bowling dept, which doesn’t necessarily makes him,overall, best spinner, until Murli is there!!!!!

Who is the best left arm spinner in world cricket today ?

Here are a few options -

* Daniel Vettori
*Brad Hogg
*Murali Karthik
*Monty Panesar ( Go Monty ! , lol )
*Sanath Jayasuriya
* Rehman ( Pak)
* Raffique ( Bangladesh)
* Yuvraj Singh (lol, he has been in great bowling form recently)
*Ray Price ( Zimbabwe, fantastic bowler)
* Leverock ( Bermuda ,lol)
* Paul Harris

If i have missed anyone, feel free to add his name to this list.

Chosen Answer:

Ray Price was great, its a shame for Zim to lose a player like him…., though they lost many…. Heath Streak was the greatest underrated bowler..

Who is the best ever Spinner?

Chandrashekhar India 58 tests 242 wickets Test debut 1964
B.S.Bedi 67 tests 266 wickets, Harbhajan Singh 65 tests
268 wickets. Anil Kumbke 127 tests 608 wickets. Shane
Warne 145 test 708 wickets. Murli Tharan 120 tests 735 wickets. L. Gibbs 79 matches 309 wickets and so many others
whom you rate as no 1 spinner

Chosen Answer:

1. Shane Warne
2. Murali

Who is best spinner Murali or Shane warn?

In my opinion Shane warn much better bowler then the Murali, because 1) he bowl leg spin as we know bowling leg spin very difficult the the Offspin
2) His record alwys consistene whethever he played at home or Away, does not relie on the pitch.
3) His bowling action very clear unlike Murali who throw the ball means illegal action.

Are you agree with me or not? please answer in detail if possible.

Chosen Answer:

I think Shane hold upper hand because he doesn’t allow any body to comment on his bowling action whereas in case of Murli question are raised quiet regularly. Due to him ICC make 15 degree rule to bend the arm at the point of delivery.

It done to fix Murali in the scheme of legal bowling no doubt about his ability but he created controversy