For australia which 2 spinners are the best out of these spinners for the next series & Why?


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►Bryce Mcgain
►Jason Kreja
►Bob Holland
►Beau Casson
►Brad Hogg
►Natahn Hauritz

Chosen Answer:

The competition is between Jason Kreja, Bob Holland and Beau Casson only as Brad Hogg has already retired and Nathan Hauritz has already cemented his place.

That vacant spot would be decided by the Arm Chair Selectors by the Pool Side based on the inputs provided by the players Agents.

Swann has got loads of wkts in 2009, even more than Vettori; is he the best spinner around in the world today?

Somehow, I don’t feel that way. What’s your view?

Chosen Answer:

Graeme Swann has a fantastic record and he deserves his spot as the top spinner of 2009 especially when he has played on wickets in the West Indies, England and South Africa which are not known for their assistance to spinners. His major advantage is his ability to bowl at any pace and still get spin and this makes his arm ball much more effective. I would not yet say he is better than Vettori but I can’t think of many other spinners who are as good at the moment. I think if he has a good 2010 then he may well be considered the top spinner in the world.

Is Gream Swann best spinner in the world Today?

Murali has also retired.

Chosen Answer:

Yeah he is the best spinner currently.Unlike Harbhajan,he certainly does more than smile & sledge shamelessly & unlike Murali,he picks up wickets on all tracts.He recently picked up about 20+ wickets in a series in South Africa-probably the first ever spinner to do so.His batting is also much better.His action is very authentic & also very traditional & he doesn’t bowl illegal doosras,teesras,etc,