who is best batsman in indian team.?

who do you think is the best batsmen in the Indian team at the moment.
1. Sehwag( 200 against sri Lanka a match winning knock, 87 against eng a match winning knock, many tremendous ODI knocks , can easily beat murli + mendis , best hitter at the moment)
2. Gambhir(amazing consistency, best left handed batsman, good test knocks,match winning 150 against srilanka(4th odi),)
3. Dhoni( no.1 ranked in ODI , unique style of batting, best player of spinners, hit huge sixes( very rare site nowadays), consistent)
4. Yuvraj singh( elegant player, breath taking shots, can easily hit sixes, destroyed england( final result WI beats eng), destroyed srilanka, proved himself in tests)

who do you think is better batsman.

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Virender Sehwag.

but all of them r good.

daniel vettorri the best cricketer at the moment?

we have all heard the name vetteri starting off as left handed spinner, now average nearly 40 in test cricket and last innins scoring a whopping 131 now playing for the bulls taking three catches last night in 20/20 bigbash he is also a great feidsmen . as bowler of spinner he has to be the best at the moment ,captian of new zealand and he is now on the peak of his game what to you think?

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No doubt on that.

Isn’t the real reason that the Labour party is getting such a mauling at the moment that they have sacrificed

their best spinners, to try and spin themselves out of their involvement in the McCann case?


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you are really peculiar. why are you obsessed with the government. please dont knock me or thumbs down yet. i really dont get the connection

Does this prove that Graeme Swann is the most dangerous spinner in the world today…..?

He is undoubtedly the best spinner currently, I reckon. But is it possible to knock the bottle top by a cricket ball?

I,too, would like to see Bhajji on the top but the fact is He is terrible out of form at the moment. Its been quite sometimes now. If you are the strike bowler of your side, your work is not only to contend the batsman but to take wickets too.
@mrjinx64, it was not thrown by Warnie. Its been computerized.

@Joeblow, Nice examples to prove me wrong.

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It doesn’t prove anything other than he got lucky with bowling the ball in the right spot.

I can remember when I was in high school we were at an indoor basketball court and I got a basketball up one end of the court and when no teacher was watching I just kicked it as far as I could up the other end of the court. I kicked it so that it landed in the hoop up the other end on the full without even touching the rim! It would have been about a 40+ metre kick with a basketball and to land it in the hoop without it even touching the rim would be a 1 in a million type shot. That doesn’t mean I am the best kick of a basketball in the world. Also I kicked a football (Australia rules foortball that is) in the basketball court at school and I was deliberately aiming to kick it in the hoop and I landed it 3 times out of about 15 tries. If you know what an Australian rules football looks like, it takes a lot of control with the kick to get it to remain straight and spin the correct way to have a chance of going in the hoop. I am by no means the best kick of a football in fact I would be lucky to kick a goal from 30 metres out, but sometimes you can just fluke it.

who is best spinner in the world current cricket teams ?


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Hey!!!!!! Tears Nafeez you forgot New Zealand on that list. not very nice considering Vettori is rated world number 1 odi bowler at the moment. and u call yourself a top contributor

Tests: Kumble Or Murali
ODI: Dan Vettori or Murali

Do you think Graeme Swann is the best spinner in the world at the moment?


Congrats for England’s victory against Bangladesh

G Swann took 10-217 against Bangladesh.His first 10 wicket haul in test matches.He seems to be a spinner who can adapt to all conditions just like Vettori at present.

From last year he has been in exceptional form with the ball for England.
Do you think he is the best spinner in the world at the moment in Test matches?

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You’ve hit the nail again Shiva.That’s what I have been saying all these months.He can spin the ball on the flattest of pitches,has a very delightful & energized action & he also has the knack of picking wickets in the first over of a new spell.His drifting ball is as dangerous or even better than the modern doosra.His batting,fielding & cheery attitude are also a big plus for the English team.Swann along with Pietersen & Morgan have revolutionized modern English cricket in all 3 formats.

Prem-Kumble took 10 wickets in 1 innings(along with Laker).Hundreds have taken 10 wickets in a match.

-I can’t understand why comparisions are being made with Warne,Kumble & Murali.The question clearly states at the moment.

Neilithic-Hauritz may have a better average but you can’t forget the opposition.Swann played against India & South Africa while Hauritz picked most of his wickets against a T-20 Pakistani side playing test cricket & a weak West Indian one.Swann was instrumental for drawing the series against S.A.
Hauritz also got most of his wickets due to errors made by the hard hitting test batsmen while Swann had to literally earn every wicket.
Dan hasn’t bowled well in the last 12 months while the Indians recently massacred Murali.

Who is Australia’s best spinner?

Australia is struggling to replace the likes of warne macgill and hogg who is the best spinner in aus at the moment?

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Jason Krejza: took 12 wickets in the last test match. Astonishing performance. To be persisted for long. Good batsman too.
Nathan Hauritz: Surprisingly omitted from team Australia after taking 9 wickets in 2 tests.
Beau Casson: Took 3 wickets in the only match he played.

who is the best spinner after murali?

I meant those who are still playing.

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Graeme Swann terrorized our batting line up with good off breaks. He’s the best at the moment. He also terrorized the Aussies in The Ashes. Unfortunately Harbhajan relies on the doosra which should be illegalized. Swann bowls clean deliveries and takes bags of wickets.

Ashwin is the best spinner in the world says Faf Du Plessis, do you agree?

“Someone like Ashwin, for me, is the best spinner in the world at the moment. He’s just unbelievable, with so many different variations, and he doesn’t give you anything to hit.”


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$ * He is talented for sure * $

yet to play for India in Tests or even regularly in Odie’s maybe he is referring to him as the best spinner in T-20 where he will have little competition too but he has to prove himself for couple of years, come out of Harbhajan’s shadow, dominate him, dominate batsmen like a certain Warne or Murli did, Swann & Syed Ajmal are doing now, he has good competition with current players, once he overcomes them then only can he lay claim to be the best, not yet, wish him all the best, we have high hopes off him.