who is best batsman in indian team.?

who do you think is the best batsmen in the Indian team at the moment.
1. Sehwag( 200 against sri Lanka a match winning knock, 87 against eng a match winning knock, many tremendous ODI knocks , can easily beat murli + mendis , best hitter at the moment)
2. Gambhir(amazing consistency, best left handed batsman, good test knocks,match winning 150 against srilanka(4th odi),)
3. Dhoni( no.1 ranked in ODI , unique style of batting, best player of spinners, hit huge sixes( very rare site nowadays), consistent)
4. Yuvraj singh( elegant player, breath taking shots, can easily hit sixes, destroyed england( final result WI beats eng), destroyed srilanka, proved himself in tests)

who do you think is better batsman.

Chosen Answer:

Virender Sehwag.

but all of them r good.

Will this be the last time the ‘Big 5′ will be playing a Test match in Srilanka???

Tendulkar the little master, Dravid the Wall, Ganguly, Laxman, Kumble one of the best spinners in the world. is this the last time they’ll play a test match in srilanka???
It has been a treat to watch them play here in the past, although they unferperformed in this series so far!!!

Chosen Answer:

Well, perhaps only one out of our fabulous 5 would still form a part of the Indian team the next time India tours Sri Lanka, and that has to be Sachin Tendulkar. Perhaps, Rahul Dravid too has a slim chance of making it to the next time, but it’s improbable that Ganguly, Kumble and Laxman would be there. Infact, Ganguly is likely to be axed from the team in the very next series, on account of his poor performance throughout this Sri Lanka tour.

It surely feels great to see the 5 of them play together, especially when they are in good touch. But unfortunately our seniors hasn’t been able to deliver in this series.

Do the Australians really believe Warne is better than Muralidharan?

Look at the man. he along with waugh was involved in match fixing. a confined and certified drug addict. womanizer and God knows what else. He got most of his wickets against the likes of England and New Zealand who don’t know the ABC of playing spin. So why do you think he is better than Muarlidharan who got most of his wickets against India and Pakistan, the best players of Spin?
The Sri lankan was never involved in any controversies. his action which is due to a physical deformality has been cleared by the ICC. In spite of all these facts why do the Australians behave and act as if Warne is the best spinner in the world?

Chosen Answer:

Apart from the fact that Warnie is a goose, he does bowl legal deliveries so all his wickets are from true skill.

Muarlidharan clearly does not have a bowling arm action which is within the laws of cricket, so, as such should never have played the game.

HOW can you compare a cricketer against a cheat.

what ever happened to Jason Krieza?

the last time he was seen was during the Test match against India where he went 8-202 in the WHOLE series, it wasnt as bad as every1 thinks, then all of a sudden his gone and cant even be picked in a state team, whats the go with that? his been the best spinner we’ve had since Warnie and his been replaced by a no good crap bowling, useless Nathan Horitz whos never spun a ball and is only in the 11 cause his suking up to all the selectors…….

Chosen Answer:

He will be Back

Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

will you agree that today Mumbai lost the match against Chennai due to bad captain ship of Harbhajan?

Harbhajan tried eight bowlers in 20 overs game . where as
he is one the best spinner of the world and he did not
complited his 4 overs. and bowled only 2 overs.
One more Example, Yesterday’s matter
Harbhajan Slapped Sresanth. Shame
full activity done by Harbhajan and that
too Done by a captain.

Chosen Answer:

ofcourse his tactics was pathetic
he should have balled his full quata and be more
practical ,damn

Math homework probability spinner help?! 10 POINTS for BEST ANSWER?

What is the theoretical probability of not getting a match on a 3 equal section spinner in 2 spins? 10 points!

Chosen Answer:

You have 100% chance of getting a number on the first spin. On the second spin you have one chance in three in matching it. You have two chances in three of not matching it.

Do you think Pak selectors are mean to Danish Kaneria just because he is a Hindu?

I think Kaneria is the best spinner in Pakistan since Abdul Qadir, but he gets so little opportunities

Chosen Answer:

Danish bowled 294 balls per match, which no other Pakistani bowler bowled. Inspite of such huge bowling, he took 4.31 wickets per match, which is again the highest achieved by a Pakistani bowler till date. He should have got ‘A’ contract but what he got was a ‘C’ contract. This is due to him being a Hindu.

In Pakistan, Hindus are either killed or converted. If they escape both, they will live in abject misery and poverty. At the time of Independence, Pakistan had a Hindu population of about 20-25 percent which is now reduced to 2 percent. Youhana converted himself to Islam but could not become the Captain.

Do you consider Shane Warne as the best spinner the game has ever seen.?

Chosen Answer:

Of course he is the best spinner in the history of cricket. He is one of the few match-winners that can win you a match single-handedly. If the game is slipping away from you, you just need to hand the bowl to him and he will do wonders. In comparison with Muraltharan I would say that, yes he is also a great off-spinner, but please just take out the wickets he has taken in Colombo, then you will know it. And please, can anyone ask Murali why doesn´t he bowl during the Power-Plays?………….. secondly (2ndly), Shane Warne hardly played a game against minnows carrying a Test-Status in their bags. And of course I love his style! The time he used take before bowling a delivery to set field, and even if the fielder is on the right place, he would ask him to move a bit forward………… backward again after the next delivery. He always looked like a King whenever on-field. He also used to clap after being hit for a six. He always loved challenges. Unfortunately I couldn´t get to see much of him.

From: Rawal.

Do you think Graeme Swann is the best spinner in the world at the moment?


Congrats for England’s victory against Bangladesh

G Swann took 10-217 against Bangladesh.His first 10 wicket haul in test matches.He seems to be a spinner who can adapt to all conditions just like Vettori at present.

From last year he has been in exceptional form with the ball for England.
Do you think he is the best spinner in the world at the moment in Test matches?

Chosen Answer:

You’ve hit the nail again Shiva.That’s what I have been saying all these months.He can spin the ball on the flattest of pitches,has a very delightful & energized action & he also has the knack of picking wickets in the first over of a new spell.His drifting ball is as dangerous or even better than the modern doosra.His batting,fielding & cheery attitude are also a big plus for the English team.Swann along with Pietersen & Morgan have revolutionized modern English cricket in all 3 formats.

Prem-Kumble took 10 wickets in 1 innings(along with Laker).Hundreds have taken 10 wickets in a match.

-I can’t understand why comparisions are being made with Warne,Kumble & Murali.The question clearly states at the moment.

Neilithic-Hauritz may have a better average but you can’t forget the opposition.Swann played against India & South Africa while Hauritz picked most of his wickets against a T-20 Pakistani side playing test cricket & a weak West Indian one.Swann was instrumental for drawing the series against S.A.
Hauritz also got most of his wickets due to errors made by the hard hitting test batsmen while Swann had to literally earn every wicket.
Dan hasn’t bowled well in the last 12 months while the Indians recently massacred Murali.

Who is Australia’s best spinner?

Australia is struggling to replace the likes of warne macgill and hogg who is the best spinner in aus at the moment?

Chosen Answer:

Jason Krejza: took 12 wickets in the last test match. Astonishing performance. To be persisted for long. Good batsman too.
Nathan Hauritz: Surprisingly omitted from team Australia after taking 9 wickets in 2 tests.
Beau Casson: Took 3 wickets in the only match he played.