Of these skate spinners, which would be best?




I want a GOOD spinner that will actually work. :/ I’ve heard that the foot shaped ones are the best, but I’ve also seen people having problems with the foot shaped spinner. I’ve heard that square is next in line, and then circle, but the circle one still looks the best-made out of all of them. :/ Any help from you guys on this would be absolutely fabulous, and thanks in advance! :D

(At this point I can do camels, sits, 1 foot, scratch, and combinations.)

Chosen Answer:

I prefer the second one. I think it’s sturdy and well-balanced, plus it is well-made.
It is heavy and you need to store it in a plastic bag with the “Do Not Eat” packets from shoes and purses to protect it from dirt and dampness.

You should ask to try out someone else’s before you buy. That’s the best way to figure out what will work for you.

What brand of spinning reel is the best for bass fishing in Kentucky?

I live in Kentucky and can catch bass anywhere from 2lbs-10lbs. I like to fish with buzz, spinner baits and plastic worms. I want a nice spinning reel that can hold a significant amount of line with 10lb test. I am not wanting to pay a boatload of money. Shoot me some suggestions! Thanks!

Chosen Answer:

A couple of other posts have suggested a Pfleuger reel, and I agree 100%! The Pfleuger President is by far my best spinning reel, and you would not be disappointed with it.

What’s the best materials to use for making Spinners for fishing?

Chosen Answer:

Here’s a link (Cabela’s) that has kits for makin’ up both In-line Spinners and Spinner Baits. Click on kits and it’ll give ya’ a breakdown on the materials/items needed for fabricating them. Hope this helps ya’ out ;) … < ' ( (( > <

Various Spinner Kits:


who is according to you…………………..?

the best opening batsman
the best batsman at #3
the best wicketkeeper
the best fast bowler
the best line and length bowler
the best spinner
all of today who are not yet retired

Chosen Answer:

the best opening batsman- Matthew Hayden
the best batsman at #3- Ricky Ponting
the best wicketkeeper- Kumar Sangakarra
the best fast bowler- Brett Lee
the best line and length bowler- Ryan Sidebottom
the best spinner- Muttiah Muralitharan

What is the best brand for fishing gear?

What is the best brand for plastic worms and lizards and lizard and worm hooks and also what is the best brand fishing reel, crank baits, spinner baits, line, and ect.?

Chosen Answer:

There’s no best bait companies in my opinion, especially with plastic baits. Many times you are much better off going with the “knock off” brands when buying baits. This will save you a ton of money over time and the baits will normally be just as durable and get you the same results.

If I had to pick a favorite brand of plastics, I would go with Culprit and YUM. The Culprit worms are priced very good and they have a very broad selection of baits.
YUM tends to be a bit more expensive but I do like a few of their colors and scents. I occasionally buy a certain color they have that other companies don’t quite have.

My thinking on hooks are about the same as baits. Most any hook now will do just fine durability wise BUT some are much sharper than others. I do tend to stick to the more expensive hooks on the market. Gamakatsu makes some very nice hooks.

For everything else, do some research. Some baits and reels are great for one person but terrible for another. Look at reviews of different baits and reels on different sites.

What is the best kind of rod and line to use for spinner baits when bass fishing?

Spinning rod? Fiberglass baitcasting rod? light? medium? medium/heavy? heavy?

Chosen Answer:

Me personally, I’m not a big spinnerbait kinda guy. I’ll use ‘em occasionally. At night usually. Most of them are between 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce. I use anywhere between 8 and 12 pound line with a light to medium-heavy action graphite rod. For the big, Colorado-bladed musky-sized spinnerbait that I have (it weighs about 2 ounces), I use my heavy flippin’ stick with 15 pound mono. I can launch it a good country mile.

I never, ever use a spinnerbait with a spinning rod, not even the small ultralight ones. If I wanna toss a small spinnerbait, I’ll use my dad’s ultralight Pixy outfit. Spinning rods just don’t have the correct action for them. And the reels don’t have the right.. what’s the word? The right… schtick.

What is the best fishing knot to tie bass lures (Rapala, crank bait, spinner bait, etc) to the line?

Is it better NOT to use a swivel clasp and tie the lure directly on the line?

Chosen Answer:

The Surgeon’s Loop. It allows the lure to maintain it’s natural motion and not be stuck in one place which will get you more strikes. I’ll leave a website to show how to tie that and other knots. Good luck fishin’!



What is the best field set up for an off spinner?

What is the most suitable field set up for an off spinner in a limited over game (20 to 50 over game)

Chosen Answer:

Depends on if the track is a turner and what your usual line of attack is. If you bowl an offstump line with the ball turning in a smidgeon, I would recommend the following with the 9 fielders available to you (10th being the WK, 11th being you):

1) First slip (for the one that goes straight on)
2) Short 3rd man
3) Fine leg
4) Long on
5) Long off
6) Midwicket
7) Point 8) Backward point
9) Short extra cover

who is the best spinner after murali?

I meant those who are still playing.

Chosen Answer:

Graeme Swann terrorized our batting line up with good off breaks. He’s the best at the moment. He also terrorized the Aussies in The Ashes. Unfortunately Harbhajan relies on the doosra which should be illegalized. Swann bowls clean deliveries and takes bags of wickets.