Best film for LOMO spinner?

Hi there!

I’m looking to buy a LOMO spinner as it looks like a great gadget. The only think is, I can’t find any information on the best type of film to buy for it, and I’m not a camera buff by any means!

Obviously it will be a 35mm canister, but which CN / ISO rating would be best for a camera that’s spinning? The site lists films from CN 100 through to 800 and I have no idea what any of them mean!

I’m willing to have a go at trial-and-error with a couple of them … but doing them all would be pricey!

Many thanks in advance for your time and help!
Apologies, I knew I forgot something! Here’s a link to the LOMO spinner;

Thanks for your response BigAl, but I didn’t ask anything about the build quality or what you thought of the camera, only the best film to use in it.

I’ve already asked a couple of high street places if they can process from this camera and they’ve said they easily can. I don’t mind paying above the odds for the amazing and beautiful shots this camera is capable of taking … with the correct film! If it breaks after a short time, I’ll get a refund.

Chosen Answer:

Look, it’s a heap of plastic juink selling at possibly 150 times it’s production cost and it doesn’t even tell you that getting the film Developed and Printed is going to cost around £15 per film because of the non-standard format. Your High Street processor can’t handle this format.
Even at their “reduced (snigger snigger)” price + 2 films + D&P would set you back around £115 for perhaps 20 pictures?
And that is if the camera keeps working for 2 entire films – doubtful.

If I upgrade my laptop memory what happens to all the information that was on it?

I have come to the point that my computer only has 20gb left out of 140 gb and I am unsure what happens if I upgrade IE, do I lose all the files that I have accumulated over time and what happens to all the programs that I have IE, best spinner, Hypervre Etc. The other question I have is, how much memory can I update to? Thank you in anticipation for your advise.

Chosen Answer:

Ram memory (Random Access Memory) is clear every time you close a program or shut down the operating system and lap top.
You can upgrade the ram memory modules, go to run the tool to find what it now has, max the system will support, the correct type and size for upgrade.
The 20 GB of space left is hard drive storage space (a hard drive has no memory it is for storage of the operating system and programs, files etc.) you can remove unused programs, delete files/folders, pictures etc to make some room or transfer to CD’s or external drive. You could back up any thing of importance to CD’s or external hard drive and then install larger new hard drive and then install new original operating system then copy the saved files back to the new hard drive.
IE, Internet Explorer is the browser and part of the operating system upgrading to IE8 will not use any more space and you will not loose any thing such as bookmarks etc, it all is saved automatically and stays in the browser.