What is the best general category of Battle Bot (fighting robot)?

Of the 13 categories of fighting robots listed on the web page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_combat#Combat_robot_weaponry_and_design (rammer, wedge, spinner, etc.), what is generally considered to be the best overall category in terms a potential 1-on-1 competition win/loss ratio if say a 220 lb robot was entered into a competition today?

Please qualify your answer with specific reasons why a category would most likely best all others. Thanks in advance!

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This link has a lot to look into.

As far as which is ‘best’?
Well, that would be a matter of opinion which will vary from player to player.
Each person likes to utilize skills that they enjoy and find successful.

Of these skate spinners, which would be best?




I want a GOOD spinner that will actually work. :/ I’ve heard that the foot shaped ones are the best, but I’ve also seen people having problems with the foot shaped spinner. I’ve heard that square is next in line, and then circle, but the circle one still looks the best-made out of all of them. :/ Any help from you guys on this would be absolutely fabulous, and thanks in advance! :D

(At this point I can do camels, sits, 1 foot, scratch, and combinations.)

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I prefer the second one. I think it’s sturdy and well-balanced, plus it is well-made.
It is heavy and you need to store it in a plastic bag with the “Do Not Eat” packets from shoes and purses to protect it from dirt and dampness.

You should ask to try out someone else’s before you buy. That’s the best way to figure out what will work for you.

Who’s the greatest storyteller of song IYO, not merely a singer but a spinner of great stories?

Gordon Lightfoot, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, or another? BQ:Title of the best true story told through a song that you know?

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Harry Chapin
Not sure if it’s true, but here’s my favorite by him:

It was from his final concert.

How do you use a spinner bait, with an open face reel?

I know there is a couple of techniques with these. But what is the best one for bass fishing on lakes??

Here is the lure i am talking about…


And what is the best technique for using a banjo minnow?????

Thanks for the answers
best one gets

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Same way with a spincast, or baitcasting reel. Simple cast & retrieve motion (With occasional pauses for giving that injured minnow look.). But, anybody will tell you spinnerbaits are the easiest baits to use. If you can turn a reel handle, you can fish a bass spinnerbait.

Banjo Minnow i don’t know about. Watch the DVD or look it up on Google (OR don’t use it, it’s too complicated for me LOL!)

Happy fishing.

What is the best tool for making a decorative zucchini or celery twist?

A spinner or a peeler?

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Here’s an article (w/ photos) on how to make a cucumber/zucchini garnish, try this perhaps:


And here’s the main page for the very in-depth article:


Hope I helped!

What’s the best materials to use for making Spinners for fishing?

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Here’s a link (Cabela’s) that has kits for makin’ up both In-line Spinners and Spinner Baits. Click on kits and it’ll give ya’ a breakdown on the materials/items needed for fabricating them. Hope this helps ya’ out ;) … < ' ( (( > <

Various Spinner Kits:


Spinner Lure Question?

1.Where should I throw them at to catch Bass?

2. Is there a specific way to throw them?

3.What is the best kind of Spinner Lure?(include a picture please)

4.At what time,season and hour, should I use them?

5.What the best kind of Spinner Lure to use in the morning,afternoon,and evening?

Be Specific.

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These can be used anywhere and are very versatile. Try fishing them in cover, along the bank, and on overcast days, just throw them straight out and rel them up fast.



I usually fish these along rocky banks, or use them when trolling.



I use these in shady areas and around logs and stumps.

Rocket Shad


Throw this one anywhere it won’t get hung up and hold on.

Mr. Crappie crappie jigs


Fish around cover with these and if there are crappie, they will bite it.

During the hot part of the summer, Fish early in the morning (sunrise to 10AM) and late in the evening (7PM to 10PM). Right before a bad thunderstorm is the best time to catch fish. Full moon works good, too.Early spring try fishing noon to late evening. Fall, whenever the suns up. Winter, any time you can get out without freezing to death.

Do you agree with Spinner’s worst and best Christmas song lists?



I like the Smashing Pumpkin xmas song and the No Doubt xmas song. I really think Gradma got run over by a reindeer should be on that list. And White Christmas by Bring Crosby…yeah yeah it is a classic…but I have never liked that song.

And the best list, most of the songs I have never heard. But John Lennon’s War is Over was a good choice.

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According to Spinner these are the best Riffs of all time – How do you rate them?

1 – Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

2 – VooDoo Child (Slight Return) – Hendrix

3 – Iron Man – Black Sabbath

4 – Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin ( even though the article said you could pick almost any of Page’s here)

5 – Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

6 – You Really Got Me – Kinks

7 – Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns n Roses


8 – Back in Black – AC/DC

9 – Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

10 – Enter Sandman – Metallica

11 – Day Tripper – Beatles
12 – Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
13 – Rebel Rebel – Bowie
14 – Hit It or Quit It – Funkaselics
15 – The Charming Man – The Smiths
16 – 20th CenturyBoy – T Rex
17 – Smoke On The Water – Deeo Purple
18 – Layla – Clapton
19 – Look-ka Py Py – The Meters
20 – Funk 49 – James Gang
21 – I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
22 – Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
23 – Jessica – The Allman Brothers
24 – Walk This Way – Aerosmith
25 – Sing A Simple Song – Sly and the Family Stone

other notable ones on the list
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love – Van Halen
Crazy Train – Randy Rhoads playing for Ozzy
Raining Blood – Slayer
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skybyrd

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How can that list be complete without Zep’s “stairway to heaven”?

Isn’t the real reason that the Labour party is getting such a mauling at the moment that they have sacrificed

their best spinners, to try and spin themselves out of their involvement in the McCann case?


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you are really peculiar. why are you obsessed with the government. please dont knock me or thumbs down yet. i really dont get the connection