CRICKET – Was Englands defeat to Australia yesterday inexcusable?

I see a lot of ‘pundits’ defending the team…

To me, that 2nd test should have been a NAIL-ON draw at the least… are our players that bad or stupid to give Warne the opportunity? given that I think Warne is the best spinner the game has ever seen.

Any finally, why hasn’t Monty made the squad? he was doing really well at county and internation for england, then when it comes to the Ashes, he gets dropped for Giles…

Over to you Maestro!…

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I’d say that’s pretty much the definition of “inexcusable” in terms of International Cricket?

I was livid when the team was announced on Thurs night. Picking Panesar was the obvious choice. We could have dropped Anderson and not lost Giles’ batting which they seem so worried about. Fletcher has come out today and said that they want to bat down to 8 and so had to pick Giles. I don’t want us to bat down to 8. Why is Jones there – again he’s a passenger – it’s not because of his keeping although, in fairness, that’s improved. Flintoff isn’t scoring runs either – obviously you can’t drop him – but my point is I don’t want us to bat down to 8. I want the 7 batsmen that we pick to score the runs that they ought to. Sort them out.

Also do they not realise that whilst Giles gives you twenty runs with the bat – Panesar help you to take ten wickets a little quicker so you don’t need the extra scratchy runs. You have to take twenty wickets to win a match – they seem to have forgotten that.

I said it when the team was read out on Thurs – everyone knew picking Panesar was a no-brainer for this test so the Aussies smelt blood as soon as they knew we hadn’t. They had the psychological advantage on us before a ball was bowled – they knew we’d made a negative, defensive decision. They knew we were scared. That’s why we lost the test – Aussie heads never went down.

The only thing that would have swung that back in our favour is if old Ashley had caught Ponting. I don’t like vilifying people for dropping catches as it can happen to anyone. Having said that- I think it’s a sign that physically he’s not right. He shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Whether Monty would have caught it is another question…

Who do chucker’s like Muralidharan and Malinga still play cricket?

why hasn’t the ICC banned them yet for cheating.Why can’t they bowl like Michael Clarke and Brad Hodge,the two best spinner’s in the last decade?
@Furiouso We australian’s are always right,do not question the God’s of cricket!
@Gracie -you disagree with ME?Do you know I’m the most respected user in this section?

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Shoun Tait is the real chucker

Murali is the greatest bowler ever

Where on earth is Nathan Hauritz?

He looked like a decent spinner! If you think back to the 2009 ashes, He took a few key wickets in English conditions.again he hasn’t done much of anything wrong? He looked the best spinner he Aussies have shuffled through?whats your thoughts on the matter?

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He is over my place. We are drinking beer and playing my X Box