What site is best for FREE gay dating in the U.K?

Gay dating is a money spinner, and the net is swarmed with premium sites, but its difficult to find a “GOOD” free one that allows contact between individual men via e-mail. Anyone got any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

I met most of the partners I have had through gaydar. Same goes for a lot of my friends too.

The internet is a great way of meeting people. You come across people you would have never met on the street.

And the best bit – you get to talk to someone and get to know them really well before your pants take control!!


where can i get a runescape lumby auto flax spinner and banker?

i want it to be free and works 24/7. I know i can be banned but idc i want to try something with it whoever gives me the best answer that works and is free will get the 10 points.

Chosen Answer:

yes, i will give you the best answer right here, because i’ve used it for mining. www.gold4rs(dot)com is by far the best website for purchasing items or powerleveling. There is a great live chat system that runs 24/7 and all purchases are made through paypal, which is completely legitimate. Go on the website and review their terms and the way their system works, and a brief overview is that they use private servers to train/get money, and there is 100% no way you will be detected. They sell accounts, which i’ve also purchased, along with 85 mining, and 250 million gold. My thought process was that it would be much quicker for me to work about 10 hours in real life, and afford about 5 months of runescape work, and receive it all in a bout a month. In the time that the workers were getting my mining and gold, I worked on my grades, went to parties, and returned to my account a month later to receive exactly what i wanted. No regrets, and I am part of a work-with-gold4rs system that allows me to refer people to their site, so that I get 10% commission of whatever you buy. That’s the ONLY reason i’m messaging you right now. I hope to buy a new account, a pker for the new runescape wild update and trade system, and I hope this helped you come to a decision. Just PLEASE when you buy something, in the “Introducer/Resource” section of the purchasing process, put my name: “Luke Michael” so that I will get 10%. Otherwise, that 10% goes to gold4rs completely, so basically, you’d just be helping me out. But that should be fitting since I am helping you get what you want :D . Add me if you’re interested, and I hope you choose gold4rs, look it up on google if you want, you won’t find any legitimate scam reports or things of that sort. P.S. The workers are all Chinese (I assume they are working out of the US), but aside from their accent when they call you for purchase details or talk through live chat, they are 100% legit. Good Luck. “Luke Michael”