What is the best tool for making a decorative zucchini or celery twist?

A spinner or a peeler?

Chosen Answer:

Here’s an article (w/ photos) on how to make a cucumber/zucchini garnish, try this perhaps:


And here’s the main page for the very in-depth article:


Hope I helped!

What is the best way to reel in a 3/8 oz spinner?

Bass Fishing

Chosen Answer:

Many ways to retrieve a spinner bait.
1 – You can cast it out and just reel it back in.
2 – Kind of hard to burn a 3/8 oz or wake one I use a 1/2 oz for either of those tequnics.
3 – You can cast it out and reel a few feet and then stop it and let it flutter a few feet, reel in again and do the same thing.
4 – You can also do what is called slow rolling, which is make a long cast let it sink to the depth you want and then reel it in just slow enough that you feel the blades turning.
5 – Cast it out and let it sink to the bottom, give it a good rip to get the blades turning then keep it in contact with the bottom.
6 – You can also use the tip of your rod to give the blades a little extra action by twitching your rod tip every so often, this will make the blades flash for a instant, or you can do it for the whole retrieve.
Good luck and have fun.