is it justified to compare muralitharan with shane warne ?

in many think tanks and cricket pandits of cricket, their view is that muthiah muralitharan is a better or atleast an equal spinner to the great shane warne, i have never agreed to this opinion and i have always said that this is all stupid, shane warne is the best ever spinner the world of cricket has ever seen, there have been great spinners like muthiah, kumble, abdul kadir and many more but warny is a class cant be acheived, mr murali can take 800 test wickets, but when he faces a talent like sehwag, lara or ponting he is always below par, what sehwag done today with murali by smashing him 119 runs of 19 overs, he wud nt be able to do it with warne, murali has taken 250 wickets out of his 700 playing zimbabwe and bangladesh, warne has only played one test against zimbabwe out of his 145.

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Murali is top class buddy.Lara/Tendulkar had done same to Warne what sehwag did to murali today.Nobody is immortal.At the end of day they are all humans.

daniel vettorri the best cricketer at the moment?

we have all heard the name vetteri starting off as left handed spinner, now average nearly 40 in test cricket and last innins scoring a whopping 131 now playing for the bulls taking three catches last night in 20/20 bigbash he is also a great feidsmen . as bowler of spinner he has to be the best at the moment ,captian of new zealand and he is now on the peak of his game what to you think?

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No doubt on that.

which is the worst episode of racism in cricket?

“Darenn Lehmann calls a Sri Lankan player a “black c**t”

“Dean Jones calls Hashim Amla a terrorist sitting in commentary box just becuase Hashim has a long beard”

“Mcgrath tells Ramnaresh Sarwan to slit his throat and kill him”

“Mcgrath tells Murali a black monkey in test match”

“Aussie crowds tell Ntini a “K……” a racist word during Aus / SA sereis

“Panesar took so long to break into the Test side, despite being the best spinner in England, as proof of their bias. Having seen Ashley Giles bowl in the last Ashes series, I have some sympathy for this point of view. The retention of Giles in the side defied any logical explanation”

“3 spectators showing monkey gestures to Symonds during last Ind / Aus series”

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i dont like engage these things, but still i can not resist,..
Aus.. Prime Minister Calling Muralitharan Muralitharan
a chucker ,… is the worst interference in the History of Cricket~

Why is Muthiah Muralidharan known as a “chucker”?

by australian media,fan’s etc?I think he’s the best spinner of the last decade or so with Warne coming a close second.
ICC has verified his action’s many times due to repeated plea’s by australian cricket community.And he has come out clean everytime.He has also been very co-operative as well.
How would you rate him as a spinner?I value your opinion depending on country as well.
As far as I’ve seen, no other legend’s of other countries have accused him of being a chucker.
Bill P-you have not answered the question.Why isn’t he banned then?If he really chucks.
finally some genuine answers!What a refresher!

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You know the result of the experiment ICC did involving Murali.
If murali is chucking, then lot of other bowlers are chucking too. (All of them turn their arms 15 degrees while bowling)
Yes some of murali haters say he chucks. Including some ass whipping Aussies! But who cares? I mean I can say Warne chucks. I can say Lee chucks. Anybody can say what they want. But the truth is Murali is the best! Just checkout his amazing records and statictics…

Bill P, ICC decided to change the rules not because of Murali, but because lots of other bowlers are chucking too according to the law!

Question for Aussie Cricket fans.?

I know a lot of people are saying we have no good spinners anywhere in the country, they keep playing these crap spinners like hauritz and krejza who in my opinion are useless. In my opinion the best spinner on form is Aaron heal from W.A, his performances and figures speak for themselves, why the hell havnt the selectors given him a go, things can’t get any worse. Your opinions?
great answers so far, i like to see everyone’s opinions. yeh main reason, i know he may not have warne like wicket amounts, but if you watch him bowl, in my opinion he beats the bat more than any of the others, which is something that doesnt show in stats

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No idea who this Aron Heal is. Forget Australia, if you search the entire planet you won’t find a replacement for Warne.
The same’ll happen to India when Sachin retires: these are phases and one has to go through them

CRICKET – Was Englands defeat to Australia yesterday inexcusable?

I see a lot of ‘pundits’ defending the team…

To me, that 2nd test should have been a NAIL-ON draw at the least… are our players that bad or stupid to give Warne the opportunity? given that I think Warne is the best spinner the game has ever seen.

Any finally, why hasn’t Monty made the squad? he was doing really well at county and internation for england, then when it comes to the Ashes, he gets dropped for Giles…

Over to you Maestro!…

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I’d say that’s pretty much the definition of “inexcusable” in terms of International Cricket?

I was livid when the team was announced on Thurs night. Picking Panesar was the obvious choice. We could have dropped Anderson and not lost Giles’ batting which they seem so worried about. Fletcher has come out today and said that they want to bat down to 8 and so had to pick Giles. I don’t want us to bat down to 8. Why is Jones there – again he’s a passenger – it’s not because of his keeping although, in fairness, that’s improved. Flintoff isn’t scoring runs either – obviously you can’t drop him – but my point is I don’t want us to bat down to 8. I want the 7 batsmen that we pick to score the runs that they ought to. Sort them out.

Also do they not realise that whilst Giles gives you twenty runs with the bat – Panesar help you to take ten wickets a little quicker so you don’t need the extra scratchy runs. You have to take twenty wickets to win a match – they seem to have forgotten that.

I said it when the team was read out on Thurs – everyone knew picking Panesar was a no-brainer for this test so the Aussies smelt blood as soon as they knew we hadn’t. They had the psychological advantage on us before a ball was bowled – they knew we’d made a negative, defensive decision. They knew we were scared. That’s why we lost the test – Aussie heads never went down.

The only thing that would have swung that back in our favour is if old Ashley had caught Ponting. I don’t like vilifying people for dropping catches as it can happen to anyone. Having said that- I think it’s a sign that physically he’s not right. He shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Whether Monty would have caught it is another question…

why do people think Murali chucks when the same council which allows him to play in the first place?

is the same one that cleared him? I hate it when people, especially Australians, call him a chucker. just because he is beating Warnie… Warnie’s the best leg spinner, Murali the best off spinner. simple.

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You’re right, i think you know allot about Cricket and it’s rules
See bro, there are many reasons for why people say Murali chucks…

1- They are blind
2- They dont know the rules of ICC
3- They are jelous
4- They dont like him
5- Because he is dark
6- Because he is a Srilankan
7- Because he is a Hindu
8- Because he is the best
9- Because shane warne doesnt like him
10- Because he is not playing for their team
11- Because Aussies dont like him
12- Because great batsman’s find difficult to face his deliveries
13- Because he is a quick wicket taker
14- Because he is a legend… etc…

It will keep on going, there will definitely be satans around you when you’r coming up well very fastly.

But, what ever said or done, MURALI is always the best.
He rules…
He rock…

Congrats Murali…

Is Daniel Vettori the best Left Arm Orhtodox spinner ever?

In today’s game of Cricket, I think we are missing Quality left arm bowlers.Left arm orthodox bowlers gets a lot of drift and spin and it’s wonderful to watch them bowl.
We are missing this traditional old style of bowling and very few rarely bowls well the left arm orthodox. The two guys who comes to my mind as really good currently are Daniel Vettori and Shakib al Hasan.
Especially Daniel Vettori I think bowls pretty well and uses conditions and gets a lot of drift.How many of you agree with it?
Is he the best of this style of bowling ever,with regards to consistency?
sorry.It’s Orthodox.

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Yes, because he is more known for his flight. His bowling varies and really hard to predict as it spins a lot.
This is one of the reasons why he got so many wickets. His bowl turns sharply and after bouncing and that lacks in other bowlers. As he is playing for 12 years he has got more variations than we can imagine. Just like Kumble, if you hit him twice for six then next ball will get wicket, same with Vettori.

As he uses fingers he can get dot balls in test matches and frustrate the batsmen, as later goes for big shots he gets out. You remember Kamran Amal’s dismissal in first test this year?

Zimbabwe’s Ray Price and I guess Shakib Al Hasan do the same kind of bowling. Indians might be knwoing Murali Karthik (that style guy, KKR, he does same bowling)

And also most bowlers are right handed so easy to predict but Dan is lefty so after Chaminda Vaas of SL, he is highest wicket taker as well.

In current scenario if Shakib Al hasan plays like for 12 years or more and gets more matches then he can also bowl like Dan, others that can do so are Monty Panesar but he plays too less, Jayasurya (about to retire), Rangana Herath, Paul Harris.

Whats the best way to tackle a spinner….?

……acc. to you?
Give ur views considering footwork & technique.

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i was told this a couple of years ago by a team mate who had used this theory the whole time he had been playing hard ball cricket, which he started playing aged 11 and when he told me he was 66, thats 55 years he’d used this method and it worked very well for him and i have played spin so much better since adopting his method, and its universal, you can use it againist any type of spinner

quite simply, always watch the ball out of the hand and pick up the flight of the ball, if the bowler pitches up, then leave your crease and try to get close enough to smoother the spin or even hit it on the full. whenever you come down the wicket, always go down on the line of the ball, never straight down the wicket, that way even if you miss the ball your body will be behind the line of the ball and the ball will hit you, instead of going thru to the keeper who would get you out stumped, dont worry about getting out LBW either, cos if you are out of your crease the umpire is unlikely to give you out

if the bowler pitches short then get on the back foot, get back as far as you can (without stepping on your stumps of course) cos that way if the ball does something unexpected, you have got more time to play it, also that little bit of extra time may help you pick a gap to hit the ball in

in short, if its pitched up, leave you crease and try to get to it on the full or smoother the spin, if its pitched short, then go right back to play the ball

it serves me pretty well, hopefully you’ll have some luck with it as well

Who do chucker’s like Muralidharan and Malinga still play cricket?

why hasn’t the ICC banned them yet for cheating.Why can’t they bowl like Michael Clarke and Brad Hodge,the two best spinner’s in the last decade?
@Furiouso We australian’s are always right,do not question the God’s of cricket!
@Gracie -you disagree with ME?Do you know I’m the most respected user in this section?

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Shoun Tait is the real chucker

Murali is the greatest bowler ever