What’s the best type of delivery to be bowled by the bowler if the oppnents need a 4 off the last ball?

If you were the captain of your team, what type of ball would you advice to your bowler.

….and yeah, who would that bowler be (some captains may prefer a spinner thats why)
good idea Monti, but the bowler has to be totally focussed in order to avoid that bouncer being called a “wide”

Chosen Answer:

A bouncer

In that kind of a situation,the batsmen expect the bowler to bowl a yorker or a low full toss so they are prepared to face that kind of a delivery.
If a bouncer is bowled,i think the probability of the batsman scoring a 4 will be low.

I also liked the answer by Gladiator,a slow off or leg cutter outside off stump would also be a good option.You have to bowl something which the batsman is not expecting.

A wide ball will not hurt much.You still need 3 to win and the batsman will strill have to look for a boundary.
I can’t think of many batsmen who can execute a hook shot properly and that too under pressure and that too while thinking that the bowler would bowl a slow ball or a yorker.

Whats the best bait and lure for Sea Bass fishing?

I’ve been told Lugworm is good with a plug or spinner, but I’d like a second opinion.
Fishing from the east coast of Scotland.

Chosen Answer:

There are lots of bass in the sea, and more fish called “bass” which aren’t really bass. They all eat all sorts of things, from sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and other fish, to squid, worms, mussels, crabs, shrimp, and so on, plus a bunch of different types of artificials. If you say where you’re fishing, you might get a useful answer.

ADD: Scotland? I haven’t got a clue.

What is the best way to reel in a 3/8 oz spinner?

Bass Fishing

Chosen Answer:

Many ways to retrieve a spinner bait.
1 – You can cast it out and just reel it back in.
2 – Kind of hard to burn a 3/8 oz or wake one I use a 1/2 oz for either of those tequnics.
3 – You can cast it out and reel a few feet and then stop it and let it flutter a few feet, reel in again and do the same thing.
4 – You can also do what is called slow rolling, which is make a long cast let it sink to the depth you want and then reel it in just slow enough that you feel the blades turning.
5 – Cast it out and let it sink to the bottom, give it a good rip to get the blades turning then keep it in contact with the bottom.
6 – You can also use the tip of your rod to give the blades a little extra action by twitching your rod tip every so often, this will make the blades flash for a instant, or you can do it for the whole retrieve.
Good luck and have fun.

Why is Shane Warne called the best leg spinner if Kumble got to 550 before him and that too when Warne has not

bowled to any Aussies?

Chosen Answer:

Kumble was successful against all countries except Australia.
Warne,successful against all countries except India & Australia.
Though in a way you are correct Warne has better records over all