What kind of spinners work best in the winter months?

I am a massive fan of Mepps spinners and I find them very productive lures to use during the warmer months of the year, however when the winter arrives and the temperature plummets I really struggle to catch pike and perch on the spinner in the winter.

After doing some quick research, the general consensus about winter lure fishing here in the UK where I live, is that the best way to fish is very deep and very slow. The problem is that although it is possible to retrieve a spinner very deep, it is not really possible to retrieve a spinner slowly as this tends to stops the spinner blade from rotating properly.

I love using spinners, but last winter was so unproductive on the spinner that it became a bit soul destroying, so if anyone has any ideas about good pike/perch spinners to use during the winter months, then it would be much appreciated.

Chosen Answer:

Pike etc are much more sluggish in the winter, so don’t use spinners. Use slow sinking lures that can be retrieved very slowly. I love Savage Gear 4Play lures. If the water is coloured, use bright colours to increase visibility.

I never have as much regular sucess with lures in the winter as I do in the summer, although I have had a few absolutely dynamite days. You are certainly going to have blank days.

One thing you may want to try to increase your chances when going out with your rods for a walk on a winter’s day is also to take a deadbait float rod with you. When you find a likely looking spot sling out the lures a few times. If you have no joy then lob in the float setup and give it 15 minutes. If you still have no success, then move on. Combining the two methods doubles your chances.

Who is the best spinner ever after Shane Warne & Muttiah Muralitharan?

1-Anil Kumble
2-Daniel Vettori
3-None of these(in such case give your own answer)

Chosen Answer:

1 Anil Kumble.

He doesn’t turn bowl but he gets wickets with his accuracy .

who is the best spinner after murali?

I meant those who are still playing.

Chosen Answer:

Graeme Swann terrorized our batting line up with good off breaks. He’s the best at the moment. He also terrorized the Aussies in The Ashes. Unfortunately Harbhajan relies on the doosra which should be illegalized. Swann bowls clean deliveries and takes bags of wickets.