19 thoughts on “Murali, Shane warne Who is the best spin bowler?

  1. They r both different n both great in their own ways, i think it very difficult to distinguish between them
    Also dont forget Daniel Vettori who is also a terrific spinner

  2. There Both Epic in every aspect of spin bowling

    But i think Warne has it, because Murali’s action bamboozle’s the batsman more than the ability to pick a batsman’s technique to peices, which Warne did his whole career

    BUT Murali is simply stunning, and if theres a difference its of 0.0001 percent

  3. ►I think in pressure warne is better spinner than murli◄
    ►Warne can turn the ball in any kind of pitches◄
    ►Murali creates his own spinning techniques ie Doosra◄


  4. Shane Warne is better spin bowler becuz unlike Murali , Warne has taken wickets where there is no help for the spinners while Murali’s wickets have come at home !!

  5. Both are legends. But Warne was more of a match winner than Murali. He could take wickets on type of surface and he has bowled some balls in his career than may never be replicated by anyone ever. Henceforth my pick is Warne.

  6. of course shane warne is th best spinner of all time……. Muttiah Muralidharan is totally diffrent he is handicapped spinner………….

  7. Well,

    Warne takes his leg-spinners armory into account and perfects them especially the flipper in the earlier days.

    Bowling Technique:
    Unlike Murali, he varies his bowls due to where he pitches the ball, what delivery he is going to use. Also, wind and humidity comes into account.
    But he changes his line and length alot to bamboozle batsmen keep them in pressure zone, he bowls ripping leg-breaks for a while then changes his variation causing the batsmen to be dismissed as he did in 2005 ashes.
    He fairly used the slider in the 05 ashes, he bowled 2 ripping leg breaks to Ian Bell then bowled a slider, Ian Bell caught in two minds chooses to leave it and then gets caught in front LBW.
    He causes their mind to be flooded with thoughts.

    Whereas Murali, he uses the doosra and the off-spin.

    Bowling Technique:
    Murali’s offies are often to predict but when he starts bowling his doosras you wont survive, he’ll start chucking it up, mixing it around, tempting you to smack the ball but a miss causes a stumping.
    Unlike normal spinners, he uses a scrambled seam. He looks for maximum spin in his deliveries.

    Warne is the winner, Murali is amazing to watch but not as amazing as warney.

  8. No contest. Shane Warne. Murali is a great spin chucker but can not bowl spin. Warne was heaps better than Murali has ever been.

  9. A vast majority of Murali’s wickets are against countries that play spinners well. While Murali could not be mastered by the players from these countries, Warne was repeatedly mauled.

  10. Warne had to share wickets with great bowlers like McGrath.
    Murali was all SL had.
    That said Murali is a great bowler but Warne is better.

  11. Both r legend . and u never choose one b/w them bcz they r just did magic with ther fingers .
    but i think Warne is more Famous dan Murli (for his Personel life also)
    Warne is best than murli by a vry few margin

  12. Very Difficult Question indeed.I would personally say both are the best spin bowler.Don’t compare them.

    Muralitharan has played against many teams especially teams whose batsman play spin particularly well.He still has picked up wickets in heap .He can turn the bowl square even in the flattest of the pitches.He had few problems and injuries with his bowling arms but he had always maintained a good record and average in tests.His wicket taking ability has helped srilanka win many test and ODI series.He picked up wickets even at times Srilankan were lagging behind in many matches.That shows his quality and how great he is.
    As many predict ,I don’t think he is a chucker but his bowling action is the technically the most difficult action to understand in cricket .He had mastered it himself and it is very much legal according to rules of the game.He has all the variations in his book and he can turn a bowl long way from Offstump to legstump.His doosra are very good and difficult to predict for any batsman.It’s the legal ball too.His bowling is best in the way that he not only ties down the batsman but also compelety dominates them and picks up wickets.
    He has developed a new variation too leg spin which he used in England tour.
    I would say that he is the best Offspinner in the world .Even the Great Sachin mentioned that he had difficult picking Murali than Warne.

    Warne is one of the best leg spinners in the world.He had various weapons in his armour like googly,the flippers etc.
    He is the most successful and valuable bowler in the fact that he always provides wickets when needed by the team.Yes,Aussies had McGrath but Warne has proved time and again that he is the match winner of his own.The great thing about his bowling is,he can virtually turn every bowl from way outside leg stump to the offstump.I can still remember his ball of the century to M Gatting in the Ashes.What he does smart is he bowls each ball with plan.He turns the balls only to the normal level required depending for each batsman facing.That multiplied by his great ability to read the batsman earns him wickets.He has been one of the great players in the Ashes and bowled particularly well even in the lost series of Ashes.He bowls very good googlies,may not be many flippers but still gets lots of lbw.

    So according to me Both are best,.Only difference is the bowling style and arm.
    No comparison between them.

  13. Warne, no contest. How anyone objective who knows anything about cricket can even compare them is beyond me.

    There is no way a top offspinner can be as good as a top legspinner even if you overlook Muritharans cheating action. No offence intended to Bishen Bedi, Vettori and the other great finger spinners, but wrist spinning is an art-form a cut above.

  14. shut up all the Australians in here. Sad that Sri Lankan do not come to waste time on yahoo answers unlike me. They work hard and produce magnificent bowlers like murali. Warne is also equally as talented but he took drug and damaged his reputation on yahoo answers.

  15. I used to call Murali a chucker few years ago.
    He’s still a chucker , but i have become a supporter of these kinda bowlers now. The pitches are flat, batting is easy so icc should soften stance on at least spinners who bend their arm more than usual. ;)
    It’s ok.

    I would have Warne in my test side and Murali in my odi side !!!

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