how do i keep my skirt on my spinner or buzz bait!?

i was fishing with a buzz bait but my skirt fell off! so i switched to a spinner but then that skirt fell off! how do i keep the skirts on? also when is the best time of year to use a spinner or buzz bait?

Chosen Answer:

buy booya spinnerbaits and you wont have that problem

5 thoughts on “how do i keep my skirt on my spinner or buzz bait!?

  1. theres a really small rubber band like thing that goes around the skirt and the body of the spinner bait. if it fell off u most likely lost it so youll have to try and find one at a store that sells fishing tackle.

  2. they are held on with rubber bands like the other answer mentioned. Best time of year is early spring when bass are spawning.

  3. try useing super glue, but immedeatly spry fish smell before it drys , spinner baits works at the beggining of season.

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