No more Sachin Vs Warne.?

We’ve seen the maestro playing some wild shots off d world’s best spinner shane warne. Warne also enjoys picking up d wicket of sachin. (Warne in an interview said that he got some nightmare’s that sachin is taking charge of d every ball he bowls) But warne going to retire. So there is no more Sachin Vs Warne. The fans of both sachin and warne will miss really a lot.

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yes they always have a great contest

what are the best types of hooks for freshwater bass and trout?

like hooks with spinners, colors, what works best? links to pictures or products would be great


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Sounds like you are looking for more than just hooks, maybe lures is what you are looking for. As one of the other posters said there are thousands to choose from varying in size and shape. For info on lures see if this may help. Copy and paste if you need to.

who is according to you…………………..?

the best opening batsman
the best batsman at #3
the best wicketkeeper
the best fast bowler
the best line and length bowler
the best spinner
all of today who are not yet retired

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the best opening batsman- Matthew Hayden
the best batsman at #3- Ricky Ponting
the best wicketkeeper- Kumar Sangakarra
the best fast bowler- Brett Lee
the best line and length bowler- Ryan Sidebottom
the best spinner- Muttiah Muralitharan

t20 wc 2010 previews of each team by me(non biased)?

the t20 world cup 2010 will be extremely tough because evryteam looks in very good form and all teams have vey good players

they will definetely not win this year because its their first world cup and they are a new team

ireland wont win because they dont have any good bowlers

zimbabwe have a chance of getting into the super eight because they have over 7 spinners and spinners are very usefull in t20 because of their econimy rate. they dont have any good seamers or any good batting though

bangladesh are a very good team and they are really good in t20 because they have loads of spinners( spinners mostly dont give too many runs) and they have a very strong batting line up. but the biggest problem with bangladesh is that they are in the toughest group.

south africa:
south africa have a chance because they have one of the best fielding, they have good seamers, good batsmen but their spinners are rubbish

india have a very strong batting line up and but their bowling is very bad and their fielding needs to improve.

west indies:
west indies have a great chance of winning because of home advantage. they have a good batting line up with the likes of gayle and pollard. their fast bowling is extremely deadly at home and their main spinner ( suliemen benn) is in good form so they are likely to get in the semi finals

sri lanka:
they have a very good chance because they are a very good allround team in t20. they have the best opening pair in t20 ( dilshan and jayasury) but after sangakara theyre middle order is weak. they have one of the best bowling with the likes of mendis and very good pace bowling with malinga and kulasekkera.

new zealand:
newzealand look are also favs becuase they are a very similar team to sri lanka; they have very good batting with the likes of brendon mccullum and ross taylor and their pace bowling is very good with the likes of shane bond and tim southee. they also have one of the best spinner ( daniel vettori)

australia look really strong aswell with one of the best fielding but their batting is weak in t20s. their pace bowling is their speciality in t20 with the likes of shaun tait,dirk nannes,brett lee and mitchell johnson but they have weak spinners. in my opinion they should have put shane warne instead of nathan hauritz even though warne is like 40.

england have a very good chance of winning an in my opinion they are they best allround team in t20 with one of the best fielding, one of the strongest batting with the likes of morgan, kp and colling wood. they also have one of the best bowling line up and they have one of the best spinners of right now ( grame swanne)

pakistan( my team):
pakistan are one of the favs with very good batting with the likes of afridi,young umar akmal , misbah and razzaq and we have the strongest bowling line up with the likes of umar gul muhammad asif and young muhammad amir. we also have the best spinning pair in t20 ( and odis) saeed ajmal and shahid afridi.

pakistan will win the t20 wc 2010 inshallah.

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WOW dude
you are a Legend

What kind of spinners work best in the winter months?

I am a massive fan of Mepps spinners and I find them very productive lures to use during the warmer months of the year, however when the winter arrives and the temperature plummets I really struggle to catch pike and perch on the spinner in the winter.

After doing some quick research, the general consensus about winter lure fishing here in the UK where I live, is that the best way to fish is very deep and very slow. The problem is that although it is possible to retrieve a spinner very deep, it is not really possible to retrieve a spinner slowly as this tends to stops the spinner blade from rotating properly.

I love using spinners, but last winter was so unproductive on the spinner that it became a bit soul destroying, so if anyone has any ideas about good pike/perch spinners to use during the winter months, then it would be much appreciated.

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Pike etc are much more sluggish in the winter, so don’t use spinners. Use slow sinking lures that can be retrieved very slowly. I love Savage Gear 4Play lures. If the water is coloured, use bright colours to increase visibility.

I never have as much regular sucess with lures in the winter as I do in the summer, although I have had a few absolutely dynamite days. You are certainly going to have blank days.

One thing you may want to try to increase your chances when going out with your rods for a walk on a winter’s day is also to take a deadbait float rod with you. When you find a likely looking spot sling out the lures a few times. If you have no joy then lob in the float setup and give it 15 minutes. If you still have no success, then move on. Combining the two methods doubles your chances.

SL,Are they the Best agaist Spin?

I wonder how they couldnt when they practice against 3 out of the best 5 spinners in the world.
(My best 5-1)Murali
Do u agree wyt Ma best 5 spinners?If not name them pls

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AGREED!! but only for test matches
FOR ODI matches everything is right EXCEPT THE FACT DAT MENDIS shouldnt be dere,he is a young kid who still has a lot to achieve b4 he can be classified as one of the best spinners.maybe in a time of 5 yrs, i will agree to dis.i think graeme swann should be included( for ODIs and T20s

AND indians are the best players of spin.LOOK at the records of murali and warne in india, dey uk dismal compared to the overall record

whats the best size and best style spinners to but on a 1998bmw 500 series.?

spinnig wheels

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I wouldnt get spinners because they are a waste of money seeing as how they dont last as long as normal rims,but if you go with normal rims try and find a set of: focal-rims-f5-17S 18″
This is wear I got my rims.

Do you agree with Spinner’s worst and best Christmas song lists?

I like the Smashing Pumpkin xmas song and the No Doubt xmas song. I really think Gradma got run over by a reindeer should be on that list. And White Christmas by Bring Crosby…yeah yeah it is a classic…but I have never liked that song.

And the best list, most of the songs I have never heard. But John Lennon’s War is Over was a good choice.

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According to Spinner these are the best Riffs of all time – How do you rate them?

1 – Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

2 – VooDoo Child (Slight Return) – Hendrix

3 – Iron Man – Black Sabbath

4 – Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin ( even though the article said you could pick almost any of Page’s here)

5 – Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry

6 – You Really Got Me – Kinks

7 – Sweet Child Of Mine – Guns n Roses

8 – Back in Black – AC/DC

9 – Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

10 – Enter Sandman – Metallica

11 – Day Tripper – Beatles
12 – Sunshine of Your Love – Cream
13 – Rebel Rebel – Bowie
14 – Hit It or Quit It – Funkaselics
15 – The Charming Man – The Smiths
16 – 20th CenturyBoy – T Rex
17 – Smoke On The Water – Deeo Purple
18 – Layla – Clapton
19 – Look-ka Py Py – The Meters
20 – Funk 49 – James Gang
21 – I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
22 – Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
23 – Jessica – The Allman Brothers
24 – Walk This Way – Aerosmith
25 – Sing A Simple Song – Sly and the Family Stone

other notable ones on the list
Ain’t Talkin Bout Love – Van Halen
Crazy Train – Randy Rhoads playing for Ozzy
Raining Blood – Slayer
Ace of Spades – Motorhead
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skybyrd

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How can that list be complete without Zep’s “stairway to heaven”?

What is the best brand for fishing gear?

What is the best brand for plastic worms and lizards and lizard and worm hooks and also what is the best brand fishing reel, crank baits, spinner baits, line, and ect.?

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There’s no best bait companies in my opinion, especially with plastic baits. Many times you are much better off going with the “knock off” brands when buying baits. This will save you a ton of money over time and the baits will normally be just as durable and get you the same results.

If I had to pick a favorite brand of plastics, I would go with Culprit and YUM. The Culprit worms are priced very good and they have a very broad selection of baits.
YUM tends to be a bit more expensive but I do like a few of their colors and scents. I occasionally buy a certain color they have that other companies don’t quite have.

My thinking on hooks are about the same as baits. Most any hook now will do just fine durability wise BUT some are much sharper than others. I do tend to stick to the more expensive hooks on the market. Gamakatsu makes some very nice hooks.

For everything else, do some research. Some baits and reels are great for one person but terrible for another. Look at reviews of different baits and reels on different sites.