What episode of degrassi does Spinner get asked who is favorite kiss was?

So i think marco was having a party, and Manny darcy paige jane spinner jimmy and jay were playing truth or dare and Paige asked who spinner best kiss was and Spinner said terry mcgregor which episode and season was that in its also the season when sean comes back looking for emma but ellie think hes lokking for her.

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Oh, that wasn’t an episode. That was just a Degrassi Mini

Here’s the link so you can watch it on youtube:

Hope I helped you =)

what are the best spinners to use for trout fishing in lakes?

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When it comes ta’ spinners, my main producer for trout is the old “Uncle Martin” a.k.a. Panther Marin (gold blade w/ black body and yellow spots), one other that I show favoritism to is Blue Fox (silver blade w/ blue body). One can troll (I use a down-rigger) with them or bank fish. Might note, I recently started usin Pro-Cure fish attractant and as the sayin’ goes, ” a little dab will do ya’ ” ;) !! I’m not the kind that’s inta’ the use of sprays or gels scene, but a buddy turned me onto it and I became a QUICK believer!! Try it ya’ just might like it!? Here’s a link for Pro-Cure.


What kind of inline spinner would be best to catch a striped bass?

I would like to know all the brand but preferably kastmaster so I can cast further thanks

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There’s a species specific “Striper Rooster Tail”, which would work great for them. Get a handful of these — http://www.basspro.com/Wordens-Striper-Rooster-Tail-Lures/product/1734/-281677 in different colors. By the way, Kastmaster’s don’t cast any farther any other similar lure, I believe their name was came to because they originally only made spoons which are heavy, easily castable lures.

Looking for an SEO synonym/word/article spinner for mac?

I’m currently using the Best Spinner for my pc, but am looking for something similar for my mac. Basically, I want to do single word synonym spins.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.

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If you have got the money try the contentboss.com which is way better than many similar products

Who is the best ever Spinner?

Chandrashekhar India 58 tests 242 wickets Test debut 1964
B.S.Bedi 67 tests 266 wickets, Harbhajan Singh 65 tests
268 wickets. Anil Kumbke 127 tests 608 wickets. Shane
Warne 145 test 708 wickets. Murli Tharan 120 tests 735 wickets. L. Gibbs 79 matches 309 wickets and so many others
whom you rate as no 1 spinner

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1. Shane Warne
2. Murali

where is the best place to fish for pike in southampton uk?

can someone tell me the best place to fish for pike in the UK Southampton i need kelp because I am looking for a new place to fish at and I am thinking of going tomorrow please tell me the location and what type of tackle is best spinner live bait dead bait or a lure or even float fishing which is best thank you :)

Chosen Answer:

In a river!

Who is best spinner Murali or Shane warn?

In my opinion Shane warn much better bowler then the Murali, because 1) he bowl leg spin as we know bowling leg spin very difficult the the Offspin
2) His record alwys consistene whethever he played at home or Away, does not relie on the pitch.
3) His bowling action very clear unlike Murali who throw the ball means illegal action.

Are you agree with me or not? please answer in detail if possible.

Chosen Answer:

I think Shane hold upper hand because he doesn’t allow any body to comment on his bowling action whereas in case of Murli question are raised quiet regularly. Due to him ICC make 15 degree rule to bend the arm at the point of delivery.

It done to fix Murali in the scheme of legal bowling no doubt about his ability but he created controversy

Best Spinners for trout and tips for using them colors Too?

I live in Pennsylvania and i mostly fish creeks My favorite one to fish if you live in Pa is Bald Eagle creek I was just wondering what lures spinners are the best I like using mepps i caught a few with them is there any other that are good and what colors are the best.

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use a ron thompson 6 foot rod, with a size 2 mepp(google if you dont know what this is) any colour will work. i normally use gold or silver.

Do you consider Shane Warne as the best spinner the game has ever seen.?

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Of course he is the best spinner in the history of cricket. He is one of the few match-winners that can win you a match single-handedly. If the game is slipping away from you, you just need to hand the bowl to him and he will do wonders. In comparison with Muraltharan I would say that, yes he is also a great off-spinner, but please just take out the wickets he has taken in Colombo, then you will know it. And please, can anyone ask Murali why doesn´t he bowl during the Power-Plays?………….. secondly (2ndly), Shane Warne hardly played a game against minnows carrying a Test-Status in their bags. And of course I love his style! The time he used take before bowling a delivery to set field, and even if the fielder is on the right place, he would ask him to move a bit forward………… backward again after the next delivery. He always looked like a King whenever on-field. He also used to clap after being hit for a six. He always loved challenges. Unfortunately I couldn´t get to see much of him.

From: Rawal.